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Increase in stormwater fees, a utilities (including water) tax, and a trash/recycling fee listed as options for San Diego

Posted by George J Janczyn on March 23, 2010

San Diego’s Office of the Independent Budget Analyst (IBA) has published its report to the Citizens’ Revenue Review and Economic Competitiveness Commission listing possible sources of new revenue to bolster the city’s faltering finances. The Citizens Revenue Review and Economic Competitiveness Commission was formed to research and review revenue strategies to support the City’s core services and make recommendations for consideration by the Mayor and City Council. The IBA report will be a discussion item at the Commission’s March 25 meeting.

Among the options listed for further consideration are increasing the existing stormwater fee, a fee for trash/recycling pickup, and a general tax on city utilities (includes water). Keep in mind that these taxes and fees are not imminent; they would require considerable effort and time to get approved and implemented.

See the full IBA report for details. See also its Citizen’s Guide to the City Budget Process.

Among the report’s options:

* An increased stormwater fee could raise the existing revenue from $6.5 million annually to $37.7 million, with the monthly fee increasing from $0.95 per month to $5.49 per month (plus a per-HCF usage charge). It would require a majority of property owners, or a 2/3 general electorate approval.

* Trash pickup could raise $34 million with a monthly fee of $15.16 and majority voter approval would be needed to amend the People’s Ordinance.

* A city utilities tax (which includes water service) could raise $100.2 million, with a per-capita annual charge of $74. If the revenue generated were to be allocated for a general purpose, it would require a majority vote; if the revenue is allocated for a specific purpose, a 2/3rds voter approval would be required.

In the news (to be updated as additional reports are found):


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