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Another power outage scheduled for Navajo area of San Diego

Posted by George J Janczyn on May 22, 2010

SDG&E has announced another planned power outage for the western side of San Carlos near Del Cerro and Lake Murray. Electricity will be shut off at approximately 11:00pm Friday, June 4, 2010 and will stay off for up to 7 hours or longer. SDG&E indicates they need to replace an electrical switch.

Over 1000 residences mostly east of Park Ridge Blvd. and south of Navajo Road & Jackson Drive will be affected. Letters to affected residents were mailed May 21.

The same area had its power cut off last December 5, 2009 starting at 10:30pm in order to replace an electrical switch. Service was not restored until 9am the following morning.

When I called SDG&E’s planned outage number at 800-211-7343 to ask why we’re having to deal with another outage so soon for the same reason, I was told that the previous work was either done incorrectly or else some equipment was defective.

SDG&E’s power outage website is but it appears to lack any information about planned outages.


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Power outage scheduled for parts of Del Cerro and San Carlos on Saturday

Posted by George J Janczyn on December 2, 2009

SDG&E mailed notices on November 19, but just as a reminder or if you missed it, a power outage will occur in the San Carlos/Del Cerro area this Saturday beginning at approximately 10:30pm and may last up to eight hours (or longer if complications develop).

I’m not looking forward to spending a Saturday night without electricity.

According to Karen Bennett, SDG&E’s Planned Outage Coordinator, about 2000 residents will be affected by the routine maintenance project to replace an electrical switch and underground wiring on Park Ridge Blvd. She couldn’t provide details on the affected area but said it extends slightly west but mostly east into San Carlos from Park Ridge Blvd.

Residents have been advised to disconnect sensitive electrical equipment before and during the outage. Assuming that when power resumes it may not immediately be stable, you may want to call their 24-hour contact line to confirm status before reconnecting equipment at 800-211-7343.

Update Dec 6: The power resumed at about 9am, so it was around 10 hours without power for us. This morning the work crew wouldn’t let me take any pictures, saying that someone took pictures at an earlier job and then submitted them to the local news with negative comments about their work. I’ll bet our local politicians wish they could avoid scrutiny for that reason.

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