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Vernal pools, Pasatiempo open space in Del Cerro

Posted by George J Janczyn on January 23, 2010

The recent rains have awakened the vernal pools at the Pasatiempo open space in Del Cerro. A portion of the space was paved with asphalt and is occasionally used as a staging area for utility undergrounding projects underway in the neighborhood. Once the projects are completed, the asphalt lot could be removed, but there is some interest in keeping it as a staging area for firefighting in the event of a wildfire. I believe some people would like the lot to keep vehicles off the street while visitors enjoy the space and take in the views. The future of this city-owned property is uncertain. Click thumbnails to enlarge.


March 16, 2010: The Union-Tribune’s Mike Lee published a nice article about vernal pools in San Diego.


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Power outage scheduled for parts of Del Cerro and San Carlos on Saturday

Posted by George J Janczyn on December 2, 2009

SDG&E mailed notices on November 19, but just as a reminder or if you missed it, a power outage will occur in the San Carlos/Del Cerro area this Saturday beginning at approximately 10:30pm and may last up to eight hours (or longer if complications develop).

I’m not looking forward to spending a Saturday night without electricity.

According to Karen Bennett, SDG&E’s Planned Outage Coordinator, about 2000 residents will be affected by the routine maintenance project to replace an electrical switch and underground wiring on Park Ridge Blvd. She couldn’t provide details on the affected area but said it extends slightly west but mostly east into San Carlos from Park Ridge Blvd.

Residents have been advised to disconnect sensitive electrical equipment before and during the outage. Assuming that when power resumes it may not immediately be stable, you may want to call their 24-hour contact line to confirm status before reconnecting equipment at 800-211-7343.

Update Dec 6: The power resumed at about 9am, so it was around 10 hours without power for us. This morning the work crew wouldn’t let me take any pictures, saying that someone took pictures at an earlier job and then submitted them to the local news with negative comments about their work. I’ll bet our local politicians wish they could avoid scrutiny for that reason.

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San Carlos/Del Cerro area businesses open and shut

Posted by George J Janczyn on December 1, 2009

There are a few more changes taking place at the Keil’s shopping center at Jackson Drive and Navajo Road (see July’s post on the earlier changes here). Its location at the western edge of San Carlos makes it a draw for quite a few shoppers from the neighboring Del Cerro community as well.

The Navajo Community Service Center and police storefront that closed during the summer are definitely not returning — a Mountain Mike’s Pizza is taking over the storefront that they occupied and looks to create some competition with Tivoli Pizza a few doors down. The Yogurt Works (formerly the San Carlos Creamery) has a “for lease” sign in the window. Lastly, Casey’s Place, a home-grown neighborhood recreation center, is empty and the sign is gone.

Casey's Place is empty


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Del Cerro fire mop-up

Posted by George J Janczyn on November 8, 2009

This morning a fire crew is working on hot spots still smouldering at the location of the fire at Adobe Falls in Del Cerro that started around 4pm yesterday. Adobe Falls is a waterfall on Alvarado Creek running through a rugged canyon in Del Cerro just north of SDSU.

Here’s a link to yesterday’s U-T item on the fire. This morning’s printed edition has an updated story “Fire copters drop gel on canyon blaze” but at the time of my writing it’s not available on their website.

At the nearby Camino Rico fire station, a crew member told me that the cause wasn’t known yet, but said “it’s a good guess it was started by urban campers” possibly cooking up an evening meal. He said this is a common problem in San Diego’s canyons.

Mar 19, 2010: La Mesa man charged with arson in brush fire / San Diego Union-Tribune

A resident who lives on Adobe Falls Pl. told me he felt frightened and sick as the fire burned up the steep slope and came within 50 feet of his home while he washed his roof down with a garden hose and waited almost 20 minutes before he saw firefighters. Fortunately, several large trees on his property which slopes down to the creek did not burn. He told me his neighbor, several doors away, suffered damage to his roof, even though it was fire-resistant Spanish tile, because flying embers worked underneath the tiles.

I’ve written before about Adobe Falls and Alvarado Creek .

I took these pictures from SDSU across the freeway to the south. The resident allowed me to take a picture of the falls from his back yard. Click pictures to enlarge.






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Del Cerro views

Posted by George J Janczyn on October 1, 2009

A mild Santa Ana condition arrived this morning with some dry desert winds, and the relatively clear air motivated me to take some Del Cerro neighborhood pictures to share.

The first shot is from Allied Gardens looking east towards Del Cerro. Most of the Del Cerro hillside is now all but covered with lines of condos/townhomes. The power lines continue over the top of the hill, passing near the antenna at the top which marks the location of the Pasatiempo open space area, a small checkerboard square of the little free space remaining in Del Cerro. That’s Cowles Mountain on the left, Navajo Canyon in the foreground.


Now I’m standing in the Pasatiempo open space area looking west towards Coronado, downtown, and Point Loma. If you look carefully, you can see the Coronado Bay Bridge on the very left:


From the same place, turning around, a view of Mission Gorge (in the middle of the picture) to the east, and Cuyamaca Peak about 30 miles away on the horizon to the right:


I took this photo from Cowles Mountain, looking west. The marine layer is fighting off the weak Santa Ana. Working in from the horizon you can see the Silver Strand & San Diego Bay, some ships near the 32nd St. Naval Station, Del Cerro’s eastern flank (and peeking over its shoulder is SDSU), Lake Murray reservoir, and the golf course.


As long as I was halfway up Cowles Mountain, I turned to look southeast towards Mt. Helix and beyond. I hope you appreciate the effort that went into these two pictures…after the half-mile climb I discovered my camera’s memory card was still in my computer at home, so I had to return home to get it and do the climb all over again. Warmed me up nicely.


More Del Cerro views

Click pictures for larger view (will open in a separate tab)

Entering from College Ave.

Entering from College Ave.

Del Cerro Blvd. commercial zone

Del Cerro Blvd. commercial zone

Del Cerro Park

Del Cerro Park

Hearst Elemetary School

Hearst Elemetary School

Looking east across Pasatiempo open space (those power transmission lines are staying, though

Pasatiempo open space

Del Cerro hill with Adobe Falls open space in foreground

Del Cerro hill with Adobe Falls open space in foreground

Looking east towards San Carlos from Dwane Ave.

Looking east towards San Carlos from Dwane Ave.

Looking west from Lake Murray towards Del Cerro

Looking west from Lake Murray towards Del Cerro

The dam at Lake Murray

The dam at Lake Murray

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Neighborhood signs of change

Posted by George J Janczyn on July 19, 2009

The city’s budget woes have shut down operations at the Navajo Community Service Center as well as the SDPD storefront office on Jackson Drive.

[Image of closed Navajo Community Service office]

Closed Navajo Community Service office

They forgot or couldn't afford to remove this sign

They forgot or couldn't afford to remove this sign

Megan’s Cafe has changed its name to The Trails Neighborhood Eatery. Inside, they expanded into the space formerly occupied by the tanning salon.

Same San Carlos food, same Del Cerro prices

Same San Carlos food, same Del Cerro prices

San Carlos Hardware could have done better than this unsightly paste job on the old Ace Hardware sign:

Local eyesore

Local eyesore

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