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Water Reliability Coalition

The Water Reliability Coalition was formed in late 2009 to perform public outreach and advocacy for use of an Indirect Potable Reuse process (for purified reclaimed drinking water) as a component of San Diego’s drinking water supply strategy. Originally named the Indirect Potable Reuse (IPR) Coalition, the name was changed in September 2010. Member organizations include:


A stable, dependable supply of water is a necessity for San diego’s growing community. It is imperative that the region invests in local sources for a drought-proof water supply and decreases our dependence on less reliable and ever-more expensive imported water. Recycling water for potable and non-potable use can be an important part of San Diego’s water supply portfolio diversification. In the San Diego region, IPR could provide one of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly options to enhance local water supplies.


  • Advocate for the City of San Diego’s Reservoir Augmentation Project to determine the viability, costs and benefits of pursuing full-scale IPR at the San Diego’s existing North City water reclamation facility.
  • Track the City of San Diego’s Regional Water Reuse Assessment to determine what opportunities exists to pursue IPR beyond existing infrastructure and the costs and benefits of those strategies.

(from the Coalition’s September 2010 printed Fact Sheet)


The Coalition sent this letter to the City Council in January 2010 prior to a vote on a public outreach program for the Water Purification Demonstration Project.

They sent this letter to the City Council on July 21, 2010 prior to an upcoming vote on an advanced water treatment plant for the project.

In March 2010 the Coalition received an award from the California WateReuse Association.

The Coalition launched a website September 13, 2011.