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San Diego regional water news roundup: Apr 7-13, 2014

Posted by George J Janczyn on April 14, 2014

The southern end of El Capitan Reservoir as seen from the old flume grade on the east bank. The 112,806 acre-feet capacity reservoir has a limited ability to receive imported water, has a large watershed, and is primarily used to capture local water.  This mode of operation optimizes local water capture and minimizes spill potential, according to Arian Collins, Public Information Officer for the Public Utilities Dept. The reservoir is now 36% full.

The southern end of El Capitan Reservoir as seen from the old flume grade on the east bank. The 112,806 acre-feet capacity reservoir has a limited ability to receive imported water, has a large watershed, and is primarily used to capture local water. This mode of operation optimizes local water capture and minimizes spill potential, according to Arian Collins, Public Information Officer for the Public Utilities Dept. The reservoir is now 36% full.


Water flows to Colorado River Delta / U-T San Diego : “Fresh infusions of water reached a key Colorado River restoration site in Baja California this week as part of a bi-national effort aimed at reviving the river’s few remaining natural areas in Mexico…”

USD students develop clean water to go / U-T San Diego : “In the aftermath of disaster, clean water is first on the list of necessities. So a group of University of San Diego engineering students are building a portable water purification system that can run on solar or human power…”

Lowest water rate increases in decade approved, as Metropolitan board adopts two-year budget / Metropolitan Water District of Southern California : “Looking to strategically invest revenues to enhance long-term financial stability and water reliability, Metropolitan Water District’s Board of Directors today approved a two-year spending plan that calls for its smallest water rate increases in more than a decade—increases of 1.5 percent over the next two years…”

MWD adopts unnecessary rate increases for 2015 and 2016 while over-collecting $350 million from ratepayers / San Diego County Water Authority : “Officials from the San Diego County Water Authority and several of its 24 member agencies attended Tuesday’s hearing in Los Angeles to defend the region’s ratepayers and urge no water rate increases be adopted. However, despite compelling information that rate increases are unneeded, the MWD board adopted 1.5 percent increases for each of the next two years…”

“Moon Jellies” invade Mission Bay / NBC 7 San Diego : “A jellyfish invasion is taking place in Mission Bay right now as part of a spring ritual in our local waters…”

Water transfer cash flow projected to increase in 2018 / Imperial Valley Press : “The transfer of water from the Imperial Irrigation District to San Diego and the Coachella Valley has netted the IID nearly $85 million over a 10-year period, and is expected to net the district more than $2.7 billion from 2009 through 2047, according to IID projections…”

Flushing out ‘the yuk factor’ of wasted water / U-T San Diego : “The phrase “toilet to tap” is commonly used by critics of a proven process in which sewage water is treated to such high levels that we can drink it. It’s a powerful, if completely deceptive, slogan…”

Tapped-out farmers applaud Escondido’s decision to recycle wastewater / KPBS : “The city of Escondido has approved a plan to spend $285 million to recycle its wastewater…”


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San Diego regional water news roundup: Mar 31-Apr 6, 2014

Posted by George J Janczyn on April 7, 2014

Gliding over Black's Beach. The Torrey Pines Gliderport is perched at the top of the cliffs at center of photo.

Gliding over Black’s Beach. The Torrey Pines Gliderport is perched at the top of the cliffs at center of photo.


Storms don’t melt drought fears / U-T San Diego : “The snowpack came in at less than a third of normal Tuesday, prompting state and federal water managers to reiterate that they have no immediate plans to turn the tap back on for some of their largest customers, including the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California that delivers the vast majority of the San Diego region’s supplies…”

Small avocado groves in peril / U-T San Diego : “Just 10 years ago, there were nearly 30,000 acres of avocado trees growing in such places as Fallbrook, Valley Center, Bonsall and the San Pasqual and Pauma valleys. Today that number has dwindled to between 18,000 and 22,000 acres…”

Video2Drought forces Ensenada to ration water … and it’s only spring / KPBS : “Due to a severe water crisis, many of Ensenada’s 320,000 inhabitants now only get water from their taps two or three times a week. The governor has declared a state of emergency because of the shortage…”

Ensenada confronts water shortage / U-T San Diego : “Here in the sprawling hillside development of Villas del Prado and across Ensenada, residents have been learning to live with rationed water, as the port city of 400,000 residents confronts an unprecedented shortage…”

USD reacts as drought continues / The Vista : “Despite a few scattered showers over the past few months, the drought in California is lingering at record levels. In reaction, the USD [University of San Diego] Office of Sustainability is still trying to reduce water usage on the USD campus…”

Balancing resources / U-T San Diego : “California Secretary for Natural Resources John Laird met with the U-T Editorial Board last week to discuss the drought and other water-related topics. Here is an edited transcript of the interview…”

Bill would protect California homeowners association members who reduce water use for landscaping / Associated Press via Los Angeles Daily News : “A bill moving through the Legislature protects people in homeowner associations from retribution if they take steps to reduce water use for landscaping….”

Rebates make lawn removal attractive / U-T San Diego : “The San Diego County Water Authority offers homeowners up to $3,000 for replacing conventional turf grass with plants more suited to low-impact irrigation and the region’s semiarid climate. Businesses can get up to $9,000…”

Fact check: spiking San Diego’s water supply with recycled water / Voice of San Diego : “Statement: “the city of San Diego’s water reuse project that could supply up to 40 percent of San Diego’s water needs…” Determination: Mostly True…”

Water police take aim at small companies / U-T San Diego : “California’s regulatory tsunami is poised to soak 14,000 mostly small companies in San Diego County that fall under a broad definition of light industry…”

Escondido develops ‘critical’ recycled water project / The Coast News : “The city of Escondido has approved initial plans for new recycled water and potable water reuse systems with the intention of securing a local, drought-proof water source for future generations…”

Water recycling may cost city $285M / U-T San Diego : “The Escondido City Council endorsed a plan Wednesday to spend an estimated $285 million over the next 15 years on infrastructure that would allow the city to transform all its sewage into irrigation water…”

Coronado City Council addresses wastewater rates; priorities for fiscal year 2014-15 / Coronado Eagle & Journal : “According to the city staff report, two of the main wastewater lines, the Cays and the Glorietta are nearing the end of their expected service. Replacing both lines could cost the city’s Wastewater Enterprise Fund an additional $10 million to $20 million…”

Encina Wastewater Authority announces the PureGreen Garden to showcase crops grown with organic nitrogen fertilizer / PRWeb : “Today, the Encina Wastewater Authority (EWA) announced the launch of the test phase of its flagship PureGreen Demonstration Garden. PureGreen fertilizer is manufactured using biosolids – the nutrient rich residual by-product of the wastewater treatment process…”

Arant gives presentation before CWA board / Valley Roadrunner : “Valley Center Municipal Water District general manager Gary Arant gave a presentation about his agency to the San Diego County Water Authority board at the SDCWA’s March 27 meeting. The VCMWD service area of 100 square miles makes it the CWA’s third largest agency, behind the City of San Diego and the Otay Water District, in terms of land…”

The Water Authority misses the mark…again / San Diego Coastkeeper : “…on the adoption of [the San Diego County Water Authority] Regional Water Facilities Optimization and Master Plan Update…What seems to have been ignored all together by this plan is the amount of energy it takes to supply water…”

Water district wins transparency award / U-T San Diego : “The Vallecitos Water District’s efforts to operate openly and transparently were honored last month by the Special District Leadership Foundation. The district provides water to 94,000 residents across 45 square miles in San Marcos and portions of Escondido, Carlsbad, Vista and unincorporated areas of the county…”

Lake Hodges reopens to wind surfers / FOX5 San Diego : “Beginning Wednesday, windsurfing is allowed for the general public on Lake Hodges for the first time in a decade…”

California ports watch for unusual water patterns after Chilean quake / Los Angeles Times : “Small tsunami waves and other unusual “water movements” arrived on the California coast Wednesday following an 8.2 earthquake that struck Chile’s northern coast. The first waves to strike California that were connected to Tuesday night’s South American earthquake may have hit La Jolla about 4 a.m….

Accusations plentiful at Rainbow MWD’s first board meeting since FPUD application to LAFCO / Fallbrook Village News : “March 25 was the date of the first Rainbow Municipal Water District board meeting since the Fallbrook Public Utility District (FPUD) submitted an application to San Diego County’s Local Agency Formation Commission to merge FPUD and Rainbow…giving the district 25 days to provide an official response…”

Sewage spill contaminates water at Del Mar Beach / San Diego County News Center : “Beachgoers should stay out of the water in the area near Powerhouse Park in Del Mar after a sewage spill Friday, the County Department of Environmental Health said…”

San Diego beachgoers advised to stay out of water until Saturday due to urban runoff / City News Service via KPBS : “The county’s Department of Environmental Health issued a general advisory to beachgoers to stay out of the water for the next 72 hours due to Wednesday morning’s rainfall…”


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San Diego regional water news roundup: Mar 24-30, 2014

Posted by George J Janczyn on March 31, 2014

Part of the City of San Diego's plumbing system: The Dulzura Conduit diverts water from Barrett Reservoir west to Dulzura Creek which leads to the Otay River. The water then flows through the river channel into the Lower Otay Reservoir. An optical effect makes it look like the conduit goes uphill (especially when you click the image for enlargement) but the water is actually flowing away from us by gravity.

Part of the City of San Diego’s plumbing system: The Dulzura Conduit diverts water from Barrett Reservoir west to Dulzura Creek which leads to the Otay River. The water then flows through the river channel into the Lower Otay Reservoir. An optical effect makes it look like the conduit goes uphill (especially when you click the image for enlargement) but the water is actually flowing away from us by gravity.


Ensenada declares state of emergency as aquifers dry up / KPBS : “Just like in Southern California, Baja California is facing a serious drought. Ensenada gets all of its water from underground aquifers…”

Video2 Drought continues as San Diego looks at reusable water / KPBS : “San Diego is standing at a crossroads about what to do with its wastewater. That’s the message a San Diego City Council committee will hear from the public utilities department this week…”

Drought battle focuses on homeowner rules, meters / U-T San Diego : “With California in the grips of a prolonged dry spell, state lawmakers are looking to grant members of homeowner associations the freedom to plant drought-resistant landscaping without the fear of fines…”

Helix Water District holding drought workshop / U-T San Diego : “The workshop, set for 5:30 until 7 p.m. April 17 at the district’s operations center in El Cajon, will inform the public and elected officials from jurisdictions around the East County about statewide, regional and local water supply issues and ways to conserve water…”

Water alert on city agenda / Pomerado News : “[Poway] City Council members on Tuesday night are expected to declare a first-level water emergency which will encourage voluntary conservation efforts by residents and business owners. The “Level 1 Water Shortage Watch” resolution is similar to ones being adopted by cities throughout the county…”

Poll: water bond gaining, drought concerns grow / U-T San Diego : “Voters are far more likely to approve a water bond on the November ballot if lawmakers shrink its size, according to a new survey that also found nine out of every 10 Californians say they have taken steps to conserve as the drought drags on…”

Water authority plans look to future / U-T San Diego : “As California grapples with a third year of drought, the San Diego County Water Authority’s Board of Directors on Thursday unanimously adopted long-term plans that they say will help secure water deliveries for the San Diego region and reduce greenhouse emissions…”

Water Authority adopts master plan update / San Diego Source : “The San Diego County Water Authority certified on Thursday the environmental report for its master plan update, laying a 20-year groundwork for infrastructure investments to meet the needs of its member agencies…”

Board adopts long-term plans for water facilities and reducing greenhouse gas emissions / San Diego County Water Authority : “The centerpiece of the documents approved Thursday is the 2013 Regional Water Facilities Optimization and Master Plan Update. It incorporates projections for future water demands and water supplies from the agency’s current Urban Water Management Plan, and it identifies the facilities needed to meet those demands…”

Environmental groups criticize focus of regional water plan / Times of San Diego : “A coalition of environmental groups Wednesday called on the San Diego County Water Authority to change its regional water supply plan to increase conservation and recycling, and reduce spending on new infrastructure…”

San Diego County Water Authority wants all residents to pay for costly desalination—even if their city doesn’t buy it / San Diego Coastkeeper : “The Water Authority is putting desalinated water on the backs of all residents including City of San Diego residents and their wallets, despite the fact that the City of San Diego is developing its own local supply that could eliminate the need to draw on costly desalinated water…”

Increased Colorado River water flows expected / Imperial Valley Press : “Beginning this month, U.S. and Mexico officials will release 105,000 acre-feet of water over an eight-week period. They hope that this pulse of water will be enough to mimic the effects of spring runoff, something that has not happened in decades…”

Water surge to restore Colorado River delta / U-T San Diego : ” An unprecedented cross-border delivery of water from the Colorado River earmarked for environmental purposes is being sent to Mexico as part of a binational effort to restore some of the last remaining wetlands in this parched but biologically important region…”

Video2 Colorado River begins flooding Mexican delta / KPBS : “Colorado River water has begun pouring over a barren delta in northwest Mexico, the result of a landmark agreement between the U.S. and Mexico that is being celebrated Thursday. The gush of water in Mexico is an effort to revive the last 70-mile stretch of the river into the Sea of Cortez…”

Water, wildlife surge back into once-parched Colorado River delta / Los Angeles Times : “A joint U.S.-Mexican project at the Morelos Dam, which sits on the international border, seeks to revitalize the environment with an imitation of a spring flood…”

Rancho Santa Fe water agency protests proposed Metropolitan rate hikes / Rancho Santa Fe Review : “The Santa Fe Irrigation District has joined forces with other water agencies and civic groups in San Diego County to protest proposed rate increases by the Metropolitan Water District, Southern California’s water wholesaler…”

Sen. Boxer urges collaboration on water policy / Imperial Valley Press : “Rejecting what she called a “zero-sum” game that pits agricultural communities against urban areas, Sen. Barbara Boxer called on all water users on Thursday to work together to ensure everyone’s needs are met…”

Reuse in San Diego moves forward / : “After more than 20 years of planning studies and millions of dollars spent on pilot and demo plants, the City of San Diego is finally taking the first steps towards implementing a potable reuse program…”

Video2 A tsunami could ‘knock the heck out of the San Diego shoreline’ / KGTV ABC10 San Diego : “It’s tsunami preparedness week, and San Diegans will soon find out if they’re vulnerable. For the first time, the County Office of Emergency Services says they have pinpointed which specific addresses, homes and businesses could be at risk…”

Contest to reward waterwise homeowners / The Coast News : “ENCINITAS — Olivenhain Municipal Water District is inviting customers that have replaced turf with more climate-appropriate landscape materials to participate in the 2014 California-Friendly Landscape Contest…”

City’s water-treatment options carry high price tag / U-T San Diego : “Pricey water and sewer projects may soon be on tap in Oceanside. The reason is the aging and deteriorating La Salina Wastewater Treatment Plant, which sits about two blocks from the beach in south Oceanside…”

Water main breaks in Rancho Bernardo / Pomerado News : “A break along an 8-inch diameter concrete water main at 11900 Paseo Lucido was reported around 1:30 p.m. March 24. A city crew was able to shut off the water around 3 p.m…”


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San Diego regional water news roundup: Mar 17-23, 2014

Posted by George J Janczyn on March 24, 2014

"Water of the Woods" at the southwest end of Big Laguna Meadow (altitude around 5500 ft.) in the Laguna Mountain Recreation Area, a 1 or 2 hour hike (each way) from Sunrise Highway, depending which trailhead you choose. This picture was taken just a few days ago (click image for enlargement).

“Water of the Woods” at the southwest end of Big Laguna Meadow (altitude around 5500 ft.) in the Laguna Mountain Recreation Area, a 1 or 2 hour hike (each way) from Sunrise Highway, depending which trailhead you choose. This picture was taken just a few days ago (click image for enlargement).


Otay Water asks customers to conserve / U-T San Diego : “In response to the continuing statewide drought, Otay Water District’s Board of Directors last Friday declared a Level 1 – Supply Watch Condition in which a 10 percent reduction of water use is requested…”

Carlsbad flower fields are “drought proof / NBC 7 San Diego : “Locals know when spring has arrived in San Diego by the sight of all the blooms along Interstate 5 in the North County. With the state of California in the middle of a devastating drought, some visitors may wonder how the Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch can afford such a display of color…”

East County water well shows high levels of uranium / KGTV ABC10 San Diego : “DESCANSO – People living in part of East County are concerned that their water supply is showing troubling levels of radioactivity…”

FPUD asks LAFCO for consolidation; will seek another JPA partner / The Fallbrook Village News : “Despite the wishes of the Rainbow Municipal Water District board not to continue with plans to merge Rainbow and the Fallbrook Public Utility District, the FPUD board has submitted an application for the merger to San Diego County’s Local Agency Formation Commission…”

Auditor asks San Diego Police to investigate possible misuse of city funds / City News Service via KPBS : “Auditors found that the unnamed worker at the Public Utility Department’s Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Warehouse used city funds between March 2008 and November 2012 to buy more than $182,000 in vehicle batteries…”

Carlsbad water supply in good shape despite drought / The Coast News : “After two consecutive dry years and a third underway, concerns about mandatory water supplies and cutbacks have swelled. But for the Carlsbad Municipal Water District, the outlook for 2014 isn’t that dire…”

No showers bring no spring wildflowers / U-T San Diego : “Right around spring equinox, Jon Rebman, curator of botany for the San Diego Natural History Museum usually puts on his hiking boots and heads for the hills to search for wildflowers. But not this year…”

As land development gains ground, stormwater practices encounter increased scrutiny / San Diego Source : “The San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) recently implemented…requirements that expose developers to complex administrative responsibilities including intensive recordkeeping, reporting and proactive measures to protect environmentally sensitive watershed locations…”

Agency approaches to water conservation not one-size-fits-all / San Diego Source : “As the drought persists, it’s becoming clear that while there are a number of ways San Diego County water agencies could facilitate conservation, each will determine what works for its customers…”

What a retrofit mandate might cost a San Diego homeowner / Voice of San Diego : “San Diego homes need to have water-conserving toilets, shower heads and faucets before they can be sold. That’s part of the city’s Plumbing Retrofit Upon Re-Sale Ordinance…”

Stop water leaks quickly to limit losses / U-T San Diego : “Eight percent of the water used in a typical single-family California home is wasted due to leaks, according to a 2011 study. Look for leaks once a month to catch them quickly…”

Fitch rates San Diego County Water Authority, CA’s $110M CP notes, Ser 8 ‘F1’ / Fort Mill Times : “Fitch Ratings assigns a rating of ‘F1’ to the $110,000,000 San Diego County Water Authority (the authority) commercial paper (CP) notes, Series 8 (the notes). The rating is based on the support provided by a liquidity facility issued in the form of a revolving credit and term loan agreement…”


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San Diego regional water news roundup: Mar 10-16, 2014

Posted by George J Janczyn on March 17, 2014

Sweetwater Dam holds back runoff from the Sweetwater River watershed which begins near the Green Valley Falls area in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park.

Sweetwater Dam holds back runoff from the Sweetwater River watershed which begins near the Green Valley Falls area in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park.


Drought alert: the picture tells the story at local reservoirs / KFMB Channel 8 : “The rain has come and gone, but California is still in a drought. Now we’re getting a look at the effects it’s having on local reservoir levels…”

How California’s drought affects the country’s supply of fruits and vegetables / Los Angeles Times : “Having to take shorter showers and conserve water isn’t the only thing we’ll need to worry about with the drought currently plaguing California. The lack of water will also have an effect on the availability and price of the fruits and vegetables we eat every day, if it hasn’t already…”

California drought’s impact on beer? Well it is 90 percent water / KGTV ABC10 San Diego : “…with 90 percent or more of beer being made up of water, California’s drought could mean a change in how San Diego’s booming craft brewery industry operates….”

New study predicts fewer rainy days in CA’s future / KPCC : “It’s drier days ahead for California, according to a new study from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. The researchers used a new way of analyzing computer models to predict rain levels across the globe…”

San Diego diversifies water supplies, but increases reliance on Colorado River / KPBS : “The majority of San Diego County’s water supply comes from the Colorado River. It keeps our faucets running and landscapes green and it makes quite a trek to get here…”

Cut swimming pool’s water loss / U-T San Diego : “While pools can be great aquatic playgrounds, they also can drain a lot of water if owners aren’t careful. Each situation is different, but the California Urban Water Conservation Council provides several strategies to consider…”

San Diego water managers target grass lawns for water conservation / KPBS : “You can find a green ribbon of grass in most San Diego yards. The thirsty transplant is a staple of Southern California landscaping. It is mowed, manicured, imitated and — most significantly — watered…”

If you weren’t already conserving water, Saturday is good time to start / U-T San Diego : “When the big regional pipeline beneath Fallbrook runs dry for routine maintenance on Saturday, the town may be cut off from imported water supplies for as many as 13 days…”

Fix a Leak Week, March 17-23 / San Diego County Water Authority : “While household water leaks may not seem like a big deal, they waste more than 1 trillion gallons annually nationwide, equivalent to the annual household water use of more than 11 million homes, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which sponsors national Fix a Leak Week, March 17-23…”

Group balks at SDG&E water use / U-T San Diego : “An East County activist group has filed a complaint against San Diego Gas & Electric Co., urging state regulators to suspend a water permit issued for a major substation project…”

Water release may revive Colorado River Delta / Imperial Valley Press : “Beginning March 23, U.S. and Mexican officials will release more than 105,000 acre-feet of water through the last dam on the Colorado River over an eight-week period…”

For Imperial Valley farmers, abundant water amid drought / Los Angeles Times : “While some areas of California face supply cutbacks because of the drought, the Imperial Valley has all the water it can use, thanks to senior rights on the Colorado River established decades ago…”

Water Authority prevails in public records lawsuit against Eastern Municipal Water District / San Diego County Water Authority : “A Superior Court judge on Tuesday ruled that a Public Records Act lawsuit brought by the San Diego County Water Authority against the Eastern Municipal Water District compelled the Riverside water agency to release records and that it must conduct an additional search for records responsive to the Water Authority’s request…”

FPUD board requests LAFCO expedite merger with Rainbow; wants RMWD dissolved / Fallbrook Village News : “After a year of working with Rainbow Municipal Water District toward a cost-saving merger, which fell apart last week when Rainbow board members asked to withdraw, the Fallbrook Public Utility District’s board of directors voted yesterday to request that LAFCO move forward and promptly merge the two districts anyway…”

San Diego County Water Authority launches new website to show what it says is overcharging by Metropolitan Water District / San Diego 6 : “LA’s Metropolitan Water District sells water to districts stretching from Ventura to San Diego, and the San Diego Water Authority contends they are overcharging every single one of them. The water authority has launched a new website took that they say is a good way for consumers to get educated and to fight back…”

New UC San Diego biosensor will guard water supplies from toxic threats / : “Supported by a $953,958 grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), researchers at the University of California San Diego will develop a sophisticated new biosensor that can protect the nation’s water supplies from a wide range of toxins, including heavy metals and other poisons…”

Help improve our water quality: submit your water project ideas by March 28 / East County Magazine : “The County of San Diego needs your help in identifying potential storm water quality improvement projects. Recently adopted regulations require that the County identify and pursue a variety of on-the-ground projects to improve regional storm water quality…”

Kris McFadden to head San Diego Transportation & Storm Water Department / San Diego Source : “The administration of newly elected San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer continues taking shape as he announced on Tuesday that Kris McFadden would direct the city’s Transportation & Storm Water Department…”

Fitch Affirms public facilities fin auth of San Diego, CA wastewater revs at ‘AA’; outlook stable / Fort Mill Times : “Debt levels are likely to increase ultimately (and possibly during the forecast period) through either the movement of Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant (PLWTP) to full secondary treatment or the reduction of flows to PLWTP through the construction of a full-scale indirect potable reuse (IPR) project…”

Crews working to repair water main break in Park West / KFMB Channel 8 : “Several customers are without water in the Park West area after a water main break…”

Runoff regulations needed for San Diego’s waters / U-T San Diego : A recent U-T San Diego editorial (“Unnecessary rules, at $4 billion cost,” Feb. 24) complained about the “ridiculousness” of stormwater runoff requirements adopted last May by the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board. However, the problem of water pollution is no laughing matter…”

Water and the mother’s milk of politics / San Diego Reader : “As drought ravages California and other parts of the West, the political giving habits of the state’s private water merchants and brokers are coming under increasing scrutiny. One is La Jolla–based Pico Holdings on Ivanhoe Street, a publically traded firm that owns the Vidler Water Company…”

Old Coach Estates water availability on Poway council agenda / Pomerado News : “The availability of city water to properties in the Old Coach Estates luxury development is expected to occupy much of Tuesday night’s Poway City Council meeting…”


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San Diego regional water news roundup: Mar 3-9, 2014

Posted by George J Janczyn on March 10, 2014

There's actually some running water in Pine Creek (barely visible at bottom right if you click to enlarge). This is along the Secret Canyon Trail near Pine Valley. That's Interstate 8 above.

There’s actually some running water in Pine Creek (barely visible at bottom right if you click to enlarge). This is along the Secret Canyon Trail near Pine Valley. That’s Interstate 8 above.


Drought brings attention to Bay Delta Conservation Plan / San Diego Source : “…[E]ffects on San Diego ratepayers is one of many points of inquiry that Cushman said the Water Authority has raised with the BDCP program during the public comment period open through June 14. The Water Authority also questions the transparency of the program”

Where local drought money goes / U-T San Diego : “North County avocado farmers irrigating their groves with all recycled water…dozens of homeowners cashing rebate checks in return for tearing out thirsty lawns…Those are but a few of the potential benefits from ongoing local programs in line for a shot of about $10 million in fresh cash coming from a recently signed statewide drought relief package…”

Drought threatens wildlife, ecosystems / U-T San Diego : “Welcome storms that just swept across the state will certainly provide some respite, but more are desperately needed. California’s persistent drought threatens to take a heavy toll on the environment as well as the economy…”

Del Mar residents encouraged to increase water conservation / Del Mar Times : “Del Mar residents are doing a great job limiting water use, but the San Diego County Water Authority is asking ratepayers to conserve even more to help spare supplies during the ongoing drought…”

Lake Morena reservoir is 4 percent full and will stay that way / KPBS : ““We intend to essentially run the lake at about this current level as long as we possibly can so we can capture and use the local runoff to the benefit of our ratepayers,” said Brent Eidson, the external affairs deputy director for the city’s public utilities department…”

Water conservation’s other benefit: It’s a power saver / Los Angeles Times : “The energy needed to move agricultural water exceeds the electricity used by everyone in San Diego. Our conservation efforts, even the tiniest ones, have a second overlooked benefit: They also save energy…”

San Diego soaks up water savings following storm [including video] / KPBS : “The much-needed precipitation moistened vegetation and gave a little boost to reservoir storage, but the biggest benefit will be the water savings this week from residents turning off their sprinklers…”

Santa Fe Irrigation District asks Solana Beach customers to limit water use / Del Mar Times : “The district — which serves customers in Solana Beach, Rancho Santa Fe and Fairbanks Ranch — declared a Level 1 Water Shortage and called for voluntary water conservation during its Feb. 20 board meeting…”

Salton Sea gets boost from collaboration agreement / Association of California Water Agencies : “Officials say the agreement is a key step forward on the path to finding a long-term restoration plan for the Salton Sea that works for the local community and state and federal agencies…”

Salton Sea: Riverside County wants money for restoration / The Press-Enterprise : “Riverside County officials want to see language in a water bill preserved that could help the Salton Sea get millions of dollars for restoration…”

Obama budget includes $200,000 for Salton Sea / : “The Obama administration’s fiscal 2015 budget request to Congress seeks a fraction of the $1 million that two local congressmen had sought for a Salton Sea restoration project…”

Colorado River delta to receive infusion of water / U-T San Diego : “The United States and Mexico plan to collaborate this month on a pilot project aimed at restoring wetlands in the Colorado River delta in Baja California through a one-time high-volume delivery of river water, a move hailed as historic by environmental groups on both sides of the border…”

Padre Dam representative joins Colorado River board / U-T San Diego : “Doug Wilson, a Padre Dam Municipal Water District board member, has been appointed by the San Diego County Water Authority to serve on the Colorado River Board…”

Tentative rulings on attorney fees in QSA lawsuits issued / Imperial Valley Press : “A judge has issued tentative rulings on motions for attorney fees in the coordinated Quantification Settlement Agreement lawsuits. If the ruling stands, San Diego County Water Authority’s motion for nearly $97,000 against the County of Imperial and Imperial County Air Pollution Control District will be granted…”

San Diego Coastkeeper welcomes Glen Schmidt to board of directors / San Diego Coastkeeper : “San Diego Coastkeeper announces the addition of Glen Schmidt to its board of directors. Schmidt brings substantial experience in high profile roles in water conservation and stormwater policy…”

Fallbrook/Rainbow water merger falls apart / U-T San Diego : “The planned merger of the water districts that serve Fallbrook and Rainbow has fallen apart after board members for the two agencies couldn’t agree on how to structure district elections going forward…”

Closure lifted for south county beaches / Imperial Beach Patch : “Testing confirms water quality in Imperial Beach, Silver Strand, and Coronado meets State health standards following recent Tijuana River flows. The water contact closure for the ocean shoreline at the Tijuana Slough National Wildlife Refuge and Border Field State Park remains in effect…”


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San Diego regional water news roundup: Feb 23-Mar 2, 2014

Posted by George J Janczyn on March 3, 2014

Lake Cuyamaca last week the day before our rain event began. Stonewall and Cuyamaca Peaks in the background.

Lake Cuyamaca last week the day before our rain event began. Stonewall and Cuyamaca Peaks in the background.


Storm far from a drought buster / U-T San Diego : “The Pacific storm that blew ashore Friday has temporarily reduced the risk of wildfires across San Diego County, but the system did little to alleviate the region’s long-term drought, says the National Weather Service…”

Rain poses threat to San Diego’s water quality / KFMB Channel 8 : “In this Earth 8 video report, Natasha Stenbock talks to Kristin Kuhn of San Diego Coastkeeper about how the rain is affecting the water quality off the coast…”

Floods force 3 families out of homes / NBC 7 San Diego : “San Diego’s heavy rainfall has flooded several homes in San Carlos, forcing three families to evacuate. The storm waters rose throughout the weekend in the 7900 block of Beaver Lake Drive…”

Winter storm runoff washes pollution into San Diego waters / KPBS : “The winter storm moving through San Diego County is likely washing billions of gallons of pollutants into local waterways…”

Sewage contamination prompts beach warnings
/ San Diego 6 : “Sewage-contaminated runoff in the Tijuana River has been entering the Tijuana Estuary due to this season’s rainfall and is still flowing, according to county health officials. Observations made Saturday indicated northward moving ocean currents, and authorities suspected contamination of the ocean waters at Silver Strand and Coronado…”

California drought: Why state’s big cities aren’t in crisis mode (+video) / : “As cattle languish on dried-out grazing lands, kids splash in fountains in Los Angeles and San Diego. The difference? One issue is water storage. Many cities invested heavily in infrastructure after the last drought…”

Addressing the drought with more than a drop in the bucket / Voice of San Diego : “Here’s a roundup of some recent news that emphasizes why the drought could affect our region for a long time to come…”

Can San Diegans save more water? / U-T San Diego “Between 2007 and 2013, the region’s residents, businesses and other institutions cut per-capita water use by 27 percent — from 211 gallons per day to 153. Now we’re being asked to dry out some more. But is it possible to wring more savings? …”

Utilities ordered to tell customers to save water / San Diego 6 : “The California Public Utilities Commission said in a statement issued that the agency had voted Thursday to order investor-owned water companies to request voluntary conservation from customers in order to reduce consumption…”

Rancho Santa Fe water district customers asked to conserve water / Rancho Santa Fe Review : “In an acknowledgement of tight water supplies throughout California caused by an ongoing drought, the Santa Fe Irrigation District is asking its customers to cut back on their water use with a goal of reducing district-wide usage by up to 10 percent…”

The drought’s effect on your grocery trip / NBC 7 San Diego : “Farmers are feeling the pinch from the drought and the proof is evident at the Hillcrest Farmers Market. One farmer told NBC 7 he worries if this drought continues into next year, he could go out of business…”

Drought helping insects to thrive / NBC 7 San Diego : “It’s not just the lack of rain stressing your plants out: now, so are bugs. County of San Diego scientists say the drought is weakening trees, gardens and farms, making them more susceptible to insects…”

Avoiding pollution, drought’s evil twin / Chance of Rain : “Drought means changing not only our outdoor water use, but also the way we tend our gardens, parks and schools. If you are a facilities manager, homeowner or invested tenant accustomed to fertilizing lawn and roses every spring, don’t do it this year…”

The search for drinking water in California has led to the ocean / NPR : “California is getting some much needed rain this week, but more than two-thirds of the state is still in extreme drought conditions, and that has the state thinking about alternative ways of getting water. On the coast in Carlsbad, Calif., construction workers are building what will be the largest seawater desalination plant in the Western Hemisphere…”

California will tap its water bank, even as Mead shrinks / Las Vegas Review-Journal : “Punishing drought in California could force that state to make a sizable withdrawal from a virtual water bank in Lake Mead this year, even as the reservoir shrinks closer to an all-time low and an unprecedented shortage declaration. California’s largest municipal water supply agency, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, took about 80,000 acre-feet from its water savings account in the lake last year. Now the agency is contemplating a withdrawal at least twice that size…”

American aqueduct: the great California water saga / The Atlantic : “The Delta, then, is not only a 700,000-acre place where people live and work, but some of the most important plumbing in the world. Without this crucial nexus point…many cities, including the three largest on the West Coast—Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Jose—would have to come up with radical new water-supply solutions…”

Making history / San Diego County Water Authority : “[Video] Hear from current and former board chairs who helped the San Diego region reach milestones in water reliability…”

San Diego County wins round in battle with water district / Los Angeles Times : “In a court battle with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake, the San Diego County Water Authority won a round Tuesday versus its archenemy: the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California…”

San Diego wins key water ruling / U-T San Diego : “The San Diego County Water Authority won a key ruling Tuesday in its bitter and lengthy court fight claiming the region has been overbilled for deliveries from the Metropolitan Water District…”

Judge rules for San Diego in major water dispute / Imperial Valley Press : “The San Diego County Water Authority, Metropolitan’s largest customer, sued in 2010 over the transportation costs, claiming Metropolitan was using a windfall to subsidize millions of other customers in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside and Ventura counties…”

Unnecessary rules, at a cost of $4 billion / U-T San Diego : “According to an October 2013 report by the city of San Diego’s independent budget analyst, rates for the stormwater portion of residential and commercial water bills will have to rise 1,000 percent just to cover increased costs over five years…”

Steep cost of water main breaks / NBC 7 San Diego : “San Diego’s oldest and most vulnerable pipes – the cast irons installed roughly between 1900 and 1950 – long ago passed their service life. They are breaking at a pace faster than the city can replace them, according to city officials – an average of 105 breaks a year…”

Recycling gray water an option in California drought / NBC 7 San Diego : “Every time you wash a load of laundry, you use roughly 45 gallons of water. But what if you could use those gallons of water again? …”

Rebates for high-efficiency toilets / U-T San Diego : “For a limited time, eligible residential homeowners can get rebates of up to $50 to offset the cost of select toilets certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense label…”

San Diego Council votes to close La Jolla beach in seal pupping season / Los Angeles Times : “Delving gingerly into one of the most contentious issues in local politics, the City Council voted 6 to 3 on Monday to close the beach at the Children’s Pool in La Jolla during the annual five-month pupping season of harbor seals…”

San Luis Rey Downs golf course could revert to wetlands / KPBS : “It’s not the first time a golf course in San Diego has fallen on hard times. Increasing water rates and falling membership has made some courses prime targets for developers. But in this case the idea is not to develop the land…”

Climate conference explores water and power / U-T San Diego : “In California water and power are intimately linked through the State Water Project, the state’s single largest electricity consumer…”

Rancho Santa Fe water board cuts own pay, benefits / Rancho Santa Fe Review : “Santa Fe Irrigation District directors cut their own pay and benefits at their monthly meeting on Thursday, Feb. 20…District officials have said they are in “belt-tightening mode” in an effort to cut costs as rates have risen in recent years…”

Per diem increase rejected at RMWD; proposal was to increase from $150 to $300 / The Fallbrook Village News : “The Rainbow Municipal Water District board considered doubling the per diem payment Rainbow directors receive for attending meetings before rejecting the increase on a 3-2 vote Jan. 28…”


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San Diego regional water news roundup: Feb 17-23, 2014

Posted by George J Janczyn on February 24, 2014

Lake Sutherland appears distressed in this photo taken a few days ago. The reservoir is presently at 10% of capacity.

Lake Sutherland appears distressed in this photo taken a few days ago. The reservoir is presently at 10% of capacity.


Dire message from feds: No water this year / U-T San Diego : “The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation said it had no choice with reservoirs at near-record lows, a snowpack registering at about a quarter of normal and the end of winter just a few weeks away…”

San Diego nears dryness record / U-T San Diego : “Unless it receives 0.13” soon, San Diego will notch the driest December-February period on record. And there’s a good chance that will happen…”

Why San Diego’s water wonks aren’t panicking / Voice of San Diego : “In the weeks after Gov. Jerry Brown declared a drought emergency, the San Diego County Water Authority has repeatedly said past efforts to diversify its water sources and hold more H20 in storage mean our region can avoid the significant cutbacks others have seen…”

Broader state water strategy badly needed / U-T San Diego : “Gov. Jerry Brown’s emergency proposal to spend $687 million on drought relief projects and programs is welcome if overdue. But…[a]ny serious drought relief proposal has to include increased water storage facilities. The Brown proposal does not…”

Improving water reliability for region / U-T San Diego : “Conservation is the cornerstone of the city’s long-term water policy. That means fostering a culture of water saving and resource stewardship throughout the region, and encouraging all of us to make changes in our daily water use…”

Water, ethics bills play big roles in 2014 session / AP via U-T San Diego : “Drought and water issues will play a prominent role in this year’s legislative session as most of California is dealing with the consequences of one of the driest periods on record. Since the Legislature reconvened in January, 1,929 bills were introduced…”

Should bans on drought-resistant yards be lifted? / U-T San Diego : “Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez has reopened a turf war in the Capitol over whether homeowners association should have the right to require green lawns and lush flower gardens even in a drought…”

San Diego’s stormwater bill: $4 billion / U-T San Diego : “Last week San Diego officials alerted Wall Street that regulations designed to scrub pollution from urban runoff could cost $4 billion over the next 17 years…”

Getting soaked? Desalination plants face scrutiny / LiveScience : “The San Diego County Water Authority has agreed to purchase the [desalinated] water from Poseidon Water, the Carlsbad plant’s operator, for about $2,000 an acre-foot..almost double what the agency now pays for water…”

Can California farmers save water and the dying Salton Sea? / National Geographic Daily News : “The sea’s decline will accelerate dramatically in 2018, when the IID must stop sending “mitigation water” to the lake as part of a pact known as the Quantification Settlement Agreement…that placed California on a Colorado River water diet and transfers some of the river’s flow to San Diego…”

County Water Authority sends out fiscal sustainability task force recommendations – likely that rate structure will be revised / Fallbrook Village News : “The CWA seeks to avoid a situation where conservation resulting in a decrease in water usage leads to the need to increase rates…”

CWA master plan public comments being reviewed / Valley Roadrunner : “The update of the San Diego County Water Authority’s master plan is now in the phase of review and response to public comments…to develop a cost-effective and reliable plan for new infrastructure capable of meeting member agency demands through the year 2035…”

Beer makers find new ways to conserve / San Diego 6 : “Here in San Diego water officials have asked everyone to voluntarily conserve. This request has some local craft beer makers worried about their future….”

CSU San Marcos launches first-of-its-kind course for water managers / KPBS : “…CSU San Marcos has decided to start a training course for water engineers, middle managers and others who may end up with the job of keeping water flowing…”

UC is set to replace San Diego pier for ocean research ships / Los Angeles Times : “…UC San Diego, which runs Scripps, is about to embark on a $25-million project to replace the Nimitz Marine Facility’s wharf and pier on the Point Loma peninsula…”

Free WaterSmart landscape makeover workshop series begins in March / San Diego County Water Authority : “Starting in March, the San Diego County Water Authority is sponsoring a new series of free classes around the region to help residents turn conventional yards into WaterSmart landscaping showcases…”

CA district wastewater collection system earns CWEA high honors / WaterWorld : “The California Water Environment Association – San Diego section recently named Vallecitos Water District in San Marcos, Calif., the 2013 Collection System of the Year (small collection system category) for employing industry-leading procedures and techniques to increase system reliability and make the District an environmental protection leader…”

Water main break leaves customers without water / U-T San Diego : “A water main break in Linda Vista flooded homes and left some 80 customers without water Tuesday morning…”


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San Diego regional water news roundup: Feb 10-16, 2014

Posted by George J Janczyn on February 17, 2014

The water level at El Capitan Reservoir barely reaches the boat launching ramp.  As of February 10 the reservoir was 37.7% full.

The water level at El Capitan Reservoir barely reaches the boat launching ramp. As of February 10 the reservoir was 37.7% full.


Drought prompts call for voluntary water restrictions in San Diego County / KPBS : “This week, the San Diego County Water Authority Board of Directors will consider calling for stepped-up conservation measures in the face of California’s drought…”

Water Authority activates drought response plan, seeks increased voluntary conservation / San Diego County Water Authority : “The San Diego County Water Authority’s Board of Directors on Thursday unanimously called upon the region’s residents, businesses and institutions to increase water conservation efforts in response to severe drought conditions across California…”

San Diego County Water Authority adopts voluntary conservation guidelines / KPBS : “At a special board meeting, the San Diego County Water Authority unanimously approved a package of voluntary restrictions, aimed at reducing water consumption…”

California drought feeds interest for water-wise landscaping in San Diego / KPBS : “California’s emergency drought declaration is driving up interest in more water-efficient landscaping in San Diego. Cuyamaca College’s water conservation garden sold out so far this year…”

Caltrans activates ‘Save Water’ signs amid Calif. drought : NBC 7 San Diego : “In an effort to conserve water amid the statewide drought in California, Caltrans has activated signs along the state’s highways – including San Diego County – urging residents to watch their water use…”

El Nino likely late this year / U-T San Diego : “There’s a 75 percent chance that an El Nino will develop late this year, improving the prospects that Southern California will pull out of a deep drought, scientists say in a paper published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences…”

Water meters gain grudging acceptance up north / U-T San Diego : “But it was a different story in and around the capital city of Sacramento…While conservation was being preached, resistance to installing meters remained steadfast…”

Calif. water politics complicate Brown’s decisions / U-T San Diego : “Already divisive is the governor’s plan to build twin tunnels, a 10- to 15-year project that is intended to make it easier to pump water from the Sacramento River to Central Valley farms and Southern California cities…”

‘Love Your Water’ campaign embraces region’s most precious natural resource / San Diego County Water Authority : “[T]he San Diego County Water Authority kicks off its second annual smartphone photo contest designed to showcase how people cherish the region’s most precious natural resource. It’s a more important topic than ever this year as dry conditions statewide have heightened awareness about water supplies and the need to use water efficiently…”

Bankruptcy for Gregory Canyon company / U-T San Diego : “The company behind the long-planned Gregory Canyon landfill announced Thursday that its three original investors are seeking Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection — another setback for the project that has been dogged by delays for nearly two decades…”

CA water district improves customer service, billing with new CIS system / WaterWorld : “Padre Dam Municipal Water District (the District) in Santee, Calif., recently completed its implementation of CIS Infinity, the customer information and billing solution (CIS) offered by Advanced Utility Systems, a division of N. Harris Computer Corporation (Advanced)…”

Water District receives huge refund for outstanding efforts / Valley Roadrunner : “Good news abounded at Monday’s Board of Director’s Meeting of the Valley Center Municipal Water District (VCMWD), including a refund of over $90,000 and one of the district’s wastewater reclamation facilities being named as a San Diego Section Plant of the Year…”


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San Diego regional water news roundup: Feb 3-9, 2014

Posted by George J Janczyn on February 10, 2014

With the 810,000 acre-feet reservoir being 72% full, Diamond Valley Lake is one reason Southern California residents haven't felt the full impact of the drought.

With the 810,000 acre-feet reservoir being 72% full, Diamond Valley Lake is one reason Southern California residents haven’t felt the full impact of the drought.


California drought could force key water system to cut deliveries / Los Angeles Times : “Officials Friday said that for the first time ever, the State Water Project that helps supply a majority of Californians may be unable to make any deliveries except to maintain public health and safety…”

How does California’s ‘Zero Water Allocation’ affect San Diego? / KPBS : “Amid California’s severe drought, water officials announced Friday the State Water Project may not make any deliveries this year — an unprecedented decision that impacts residents and farmers across two-thirds of the state, but will not have an immediate impact on San Diego County, according to San Diego County Water Authority…”

Diamond Valley Lake reservoir can provide relief for drought-stricken Southern California / : ” The Diamond Valley Lake looks spectacular: a beautiful lake complete with wildlife and recreational facilities. But 20 years ago, it didn’t exist, it was a valley. It’s Southern California’s water safety net; without it, we would be at 50 percent rationing…”

Will SoCal water rescue the north? / U-T San Diego : “The Metropolitan Water District finds itself in the politically awkward position of being flush with reserves while the rest of California faces economy-crippling water shortages.The looming choice posed to the Los Angeles-based wholesaler is this: Gamble the drought will break and agree to share its vast backup supply or play it safe, guard those stockpiles and risk public and political backlash…”

Gloria: San Diegans need to increase water conservation efforts / City News Service via KFMB Channel 8 : “San Diegans have been good at conserving water in recent years but will have to step up their game because of the statewide drought, Interim Mayor Todd Gloria said Wednesday…”

Fact check: surging water use in a parched California / Voice of San Diego : “Statement: “To close driest year ever, water use last month in SD was up 25% over the same month a year ago. Do better,” Matt O’Malley of San Diego Coastkeeper wrote in a Jan. 30 tweet. Determination: Mostly true…”

Coastkeeper warns City of San Diego that voluntary water conservation is a good first step but may not be enough / San Diego Coastkeeper : “”I’d like to see the City investigate and implement permanent scheduled irrigation in San Diego as part of its Water Wise Program,” said O’Malley, who will request the City’s environment committee to amend municipal code chapter 6…”

SD city promotes drought action / U-T San Diego : “The city of San Diego Wednesday started to promote drought-related steps residents can take…”

Thursday’s rainfall helped San Diego’s water situation, but not much / San Diego 6 : “This week, the City of San Diego called on everyone to conserve water as California suffers under one of the worst droughts in recent history. Thursday’s rainstorm helped out our situation a bit…”

City resurrects water consumption report cards / NBC 7 San Diego : “Interim San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria announced Wednesday that in light of Governor Jerry Brown’s drought emergency declaration last month, the city will release regular updates on water consumption…”

Helix Water District shares drought news / U-T San Diego : “Helix constituents reduced per capita water use from 144 gallons in 2007 to 114 gallons in 2013, a 21 percent decrease. Countywide, per capita water use has decreased nearly 27 percent since 2007…”

Lake Morena and San Diego’s water supply / San Diego Coastkeeper : “To sum it all up, the City of San Diego has begun drawing water out of Lake Morena for water supply, while the County, which runs the public park surrounding Morena, is opposed to the drawdown because it claims less water in the reservoir means harm to the environment and fewer recreational opportunities. So who is right?…”

Drafting of water at Lake Morena complete / : “On Monday, the city of San Diego has completed their planned drafting of water from Lake Morena, leaving the lake over 21 vertical feet lower than it was on December 1st…”

San Diego tries to turn ocean water into drinking water / Al Jazeera America : “The world is running out of fresh water, and in California, a slow and steady drought shows no sign of relief. Jennifer London reports on one coastal community’s plan to quench residents’ growing thirst by taking the salt out of saltwater…”

Congressman Peters decries water-planning bill short-sighted / DelMar-CarmelValley Patch : “In his floor speech about his amendment to protect the water resources of communities across California during the drought, Scott highlights San Diego’s efforts to build a resilient water infrastructure…”

Mayors accuse MWD of hoarding funds / U-T San Diego : “Fourteen mayors from San Diego County have united to accuse the Metropolitan Water District of hoarding hundreds of millions of dollars while increasing rates, putting a strain on critical public services…”

City wants large scale wastewater treatment plant / : “Cary Lowe and members of the city of San Diego’s Water Policy Implementation Task Force recently released a report recommending the city go ahead with a proposed large scale wastewater recycling plant…”

Does Boulevard have enough water for Soitec’s solar projects? / East County Magazine : “Hydrology experts are casting serious doubts about the credibility of water use claims made by Soitec Solar for four massive solar projects proposed in San Diego’s rural East County…”

Negotiations underway for water to revitalize Rams Hill golf course / San Diego Source : “While the Rams Hill Country Club needs water to bring its 18-hole golf course back from the desert, where that water will come from is under negotiations. To fulfill the plan, the course will need 800 acre feet at the outset…”

Kelp to be tested for radiation / U-T San Diego : “Scientists say that the radioisotopes cesium-134 and cesium-137 from Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi power station may have gotten picked up by ocean currents that could deliver trace amounts of the material to the California coast sometime this year…”

Additional funding available for regional turf replacement programs / San Diego County Water Authority : “Residents and businesses in the San Diego region may now be eligible for up to $2.50 per square foot in rebates for replacing turf grass with plants more suited to the county’s semi-arid climate…”

Water main break reported in Bankers Hill / U-T San Diego : “A city crew was working Thursday to repair a broken water main that had shut off water to a block of Fourth Avenue near Spruce Street, a San Diego city official said…”


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