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Wednesday photos: Rancho La Costa Preserve

Posted by George J Janczyn on February 8, 2023

Today in San Diego the weather was perfect for a morning hike and my wife and I were in the mood for a place we hadn’t hiked before, so we headed up the coast to the Rancho La Costa Preserve in Carlsbad.

There are several trailheads to choose from and we selected the one on Corte Romero, just east of Rancho Santa Fe Road, where there was plentiful street parking. A good ways up the trail we came upon a rocky outcrop where we took this photo looking northwest.

In the distance at the the ocean you can just make out Batiquitos Lagoon which has a nice nature trail that’s also nice for morning walks. To see it you might need to squint, zoom the photo, or open the photo in a new tab on your browser for an enlarged version. :-)

The photo below is looking south, where the pointed peak on the horizon to the left is Black Mountain. If you have a really good eye, along the horizon toward the right you can make out the tall buildings near University Towne Center and also Mount Soledad.


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