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San Diego regional water news roundup: Mar 24-30, 2014

Posted by George J Janczyn on March 31, 2014

Part of the City of San Diego's plumbing system: The Dulzura Conduit diverts water from Barrett Reservoir west to Dulzura Creek which leads to the Otay River. The water then flows through the river channel into the Lower Otay Reservoir. An optical effect makes it look like the conduit goes uphill (especially when you click the image for enlargement) but the water is actually flowing away from us by gravity.

Part of the City of San Diego’s plumbing system: The Dulzura Conduit diverts water from Barrett Reservoir west to Dulzura Creek which leads to the Otay River. The water then flows through the river channel into the Lower Otay Reservoir. An optical effect makes it look like the conduit goes uphill (especially when you click the image for enlargement) but the water is actually flowing away from us by gravity.


Ensenada declares state of emergency as aquifers dry up / KPBS : “Just like in Southern California, Baja California is facing a serious drought. Ensenada gets all of its water from underground aquifers…”

Video2 Drought continues as San Diego looks at reusable water / KPBS : “San Diego is standing at a crossroads about what to do with its wastewater. That’s the message a San Diego City Council committee will hear from the public utilities department this week…”

Drought battle focuses on homeowner rules, meters / U-T San Diego : “With California in the grips of a prolonged dry spell, state lawmakers are looking to grant members of homeowner associations the freedom to plant drought-resistant landscaping without the fear of fines…”

Helix Water District holding drought workshop / U-T San Diego : “The workshop, set for 5:30 until 7 p.m. April 17 at the district’s operations center in El Cajon, will inform the public and elected officials from jurisdictions around the East County about statewide, regional and local water supply issues and ways to conserve water…”

Water alert on city agenda / Pomerado News : “[Poway] City Council members on Tuesday night are expected to declare a first-level water emergency which will encourage voluntary conservation efforts by residents and business owners. The “Level 1 Water Shortage Watch” resolution is similar to ones being adopted by cities throughout the county…”

Poll: water bond gaining, drought concerns grow / U-T San Diego : “Voters are far more likely to approve a water bond on the November ballot if lawmakers shrink its size, according to a new survey that also found nine out of every 10 Californians say they have taken steps to conserve as the drought drags on…”

Water authority plans look to future / U-T San Diego : “As California grapples with a third year of drought, the San Diego County Water Authority’s Board of Directors on Thursday unanimously adopted long-term plans that they say will help secure water deliveries for the San Diego region and reduce greenhouse emissions…”

Water Authority adopts master plan update / San Diego Source : “The San Diego County Water Authority certified on Thursday the environmental report for its master plan update, laying a 20-year groundwork for infrastructure investments to meet the needs of its member agencies…”

Board adopts long-term plans for water facilities and reducing greenhouse gas emissions / San Diego County Water Authority : “The centerpiece of the documents approved Thursday is the 2013 Regional Water Facilities Optimization and Master Plan Update. It incorporates projections for future water demands and water supplies from the agency’s current Urban Water Management Plan, and it identifies the facilities needed to meet those demands…”

Environmental groups criticize focus of regional water plan / Times of San Diego : “A coalition of environmental groups Wednesday called on the San Diego County Water Authority to change its regional water supply plan to increase conservation and recycling, and reduce spending on new infrastructure…”

San Diego County Water Authority wants all residents to pay for costly desalination—even if their city doesn’t buy it / San Diego Coastkeeper : “The Water Authority is putting desalinated water on the backs of all residents including City of San Diego residents and their wallets, despite the fact that the City of San Diego is developing its own local supply that could eliminate the need to draw on costly desalinated water…”

Increased Colorado River water flows expected / Imperial Valley Press : “Beginning this month, U.S. and Mexico officials will release 105,000 acre-feet of water over an eight-week period. They hope that this pulse of water will be enough to mimic the effects of spring runoff, something that has not happened in decades…”

Water surge to restore Colorado River delta / U-T San Diego : ” An unprecedented cross-border delivery of water from the Colorado River earmarked for environmental purposes is being sent to Mexico as part of a binational effort to restore some of the last remaining wetlands in this parched but biologically important region…”

Video2 Colorado River begins flooding Mexican delta / KPBS : “Colorado River water has begun pouring over a barren delta in northwest Mexico, the result of a landmark agreement between the U.S. and Mexico that is being celebrated Thursday. The gush of water in Mexico is an effort to revive the last 70-mile stretch of the river into the Sea of Cortez…”

Water, wildlife surge back into once-parched Colorado River delta / Los Angeles Times : “A joint U.S.-Mexican project at the Morelos Dam, which sits on the international border, seeks to revitalize the environment with an imitation of a spring flood…”

Rancho Santa Fe water agency protests proposed Metropolitan rate hikes / Rancho Santa Fe Review : “The Santa Fe Irrigation District has joined forces with other water agencies and civic groups in San Diego County to protest proposed rate increases by the Metropolitan Water District, Southern California’s water wholesaler…”

Sen. Boxer urges collaboration on water policy / Imperial Valley Press : “Rejecting what she called a “zero-sum” game that pits agricultural communities against urban areas, Sen. Barbara Boxer called on all water users on Thursday to work together to ensure everyone’s needs are met…”

Reuse in San Diego moves forward / : “After more than 20 years of planning studies and millions of dollars spent on pilot and demo plants, the City of San Diego is finally taking the first steps towards implementing a potable reuse program…”

Video2 A tsunami could ‘knock the heck out of the San Diego shoreline’ / KGTV ABC10 San Diego : “It’s tsunami preparedness week, and San Diegans will soon find out if they’re vulnerable. For the first time, the County Office of Emergency Services says they have pinpointed which specific addresses, homes and businesses could be at risk…”

Contest to reward waterwise homeowners / The Coast News : “ENCINITAS — Olivenhain Municipal Water District is inviting customers that have replaced turf with more climate-appropriate landscape materials to participate in the 2014 California-Friendly Landscape Contest…”

City’s water-treatment options carry high price tag / U-T San Diego : “Pricey water and sewer projects may soon be on tap in Oceanside. The reason is the aging and deteriorating La Salina Wastewater Treatment Plant, which sits about two blocks from the beach in south Oceanside…”

Water main breaks in Rancho Bernardo / Pomerado News : “A break along an 8-inch diameter concrete water main at 11900 Paseo Lucido was reported around 1:30 p.m. March 24. A city crew was able to shut off the water around 3 p.m…”


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