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San Diego regional water news roundup: Feb 3-9, 2014

Posted by George J Janczyn on February 10, 2014

With the 810,000 acre-feet reservoir being 72% full, Diamond Valley Lake is one reason Southern California residents haven't felt the full impact of the drought.

With the 810,000 acre-feet reservoir being 72% full, Diamond Valley Lake is one reason Southern California residents haven’t felt the full impact of the drought.


California drought could force key water system to cut deliveries / Los Angeles Times : “Officials Friday said that for the first time ever, the State Water Project that helps supply a majority of Californians may be unable to make any deliveries except to maintain public health and safety…”

How does California’s ‘Zero Water Allocation’ affect San Diego? / KPBS : “Amid California’s severe drought, water officials announced Friday the State Water Project may not make any deliveries this year — an unprecedented decision that impacts residents and farmers across two-thirds of the state, but will not have an immediate impact on San Diego County, according to San Diego County Water Authority…”

Diamond Valley Lake reservoir can provide relief for drought-stricken Southern California / : ” The Diamond Valley Lake looks spectacular: a beautiful lake complete with wildlife and recreational facilities. But 20 years ago, it didn’t exist, it was a valley. It’s Southern California’s water safety net; without it, we would be at 50 percent rationing…”

Will SoCal water rescue the north? / U-T San Diego : “The Metropolitan Water District finds itself in the politically awkward position of being flush with reserves while the rest of California faces economy-crippling water shortages.The looming choice posed to the Los Angeles-based wholesaler is this: Gamble the drought will break and agree to share its vast backup supply or play it safe, guard those stockpiles and risk public and political backlash…”

Gloria: San Diegans need to increase water conservation efforts / City News Service via KFMB Channel 8 : “San Diegans have been good at conserving water in recent years but will have to step up their game because of the statewide drought, Interim Mayor Todd Gloria said Wednesday…”

Fact check: surging water use in a parched California / Voice of San Diego : “Statement: “To close driest year ever, water use last month in SD was up 25% over the same month a year ago. Do better,” Matt O’Malley of San Diego Coastkeeper wrote in a Jan. 30 tweet. Determination: Mostly true…”

Coastkeeper warns City of San Diego that voluntary water conservation is a good first step but may not be enough / San Diego Coastkeeper : “”I’d like to see the City investigate and implement permanent scheduled irrigation in San Diego as part of its Water Wise Program,” said O’Malley, who will request the City’s environment committee to amend municipal code chapter 6…”

SD city promotes drought action / U-T San Diego : “The city of San Diego Wednesday started to promote drought-related steps residents can take…”

Thursday’s rainfall helped San Diego’s water situation, but not much / San Diego 6 : “This week, the City of San Diego called on everyone to conserve water as California suffers under one of the worst droughts in recent history. Thursday’s rainstorm helped out our situation a bit…”

City resurrects water consumption report cards / NBC 7 San Diego : “Interim San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria announced Wednesday that in light of Governor Jerry Brown’s drought emergency declaration last month, the city will release regular updates on water consumption…”

Helix Water District shares drought news / U-T San Diego : “Helix constituents reduced per capita water use from 144 gallons in 2007 to 114 gallons in 2013, a 21 percent decrease. Countywide, per capita water use has decreased nearly 27 percent since 2007…”

Lake Morena and San Diego’s water supply / San Diego Coastkeeper : “To sum it all up, the City of San Diego has begun drawing water out of Lake Morena for water supply, while the County, which runs the public park surrounding Morena, is opposed to the drawdown because it claims less water in the reservoir means harm to the environment and fewer recreational opportunities. So who is right?…”

Drafting of water at Lake Morena complete / : “On Monday, the city of San Diego has completed their planned drafting of water from Lake Morena, leaving the lake over 21 vertical feet lower than it was on December 1st…”

San Diego tries to turn ocean water into drinking water / Al Jazeera America : “The world is running out of fresh water, and in California, a slow and steady drought shows no sign of relief. Jennifer London reports on one coastal community’s plan to quench residents’ growing thirst by taking the salt out of saltwater…”

Congressman Peters decries water-planning bill short-sighted / DelMar-CarmelValley Patch : “In his floor speech about his amendment to protect the water resources of communities across California during the drought, Scott highlights San Diego’s efforts to build a resilient water infrastructure…”

Mayors accuse MWD of hoarding funds / U-T San Diego : “Fourteen mayors from San Diego County have united to accuse the Metropolitan Water District of hoarding hundreds of millions of dollars while increasing rates, putting a strain on critical public services…”

City wants large scale wastewater treatment plant / : “Cary Lowe and members of the city of San Diego’s Water Policy Implementation Task Force recently released a report recommending the city go ahead with a proposed large scale wastewater recycling plant…”

Does Boulevard have enough water for Soitec’s solar projects? / East County Magazine : “Hydrology experts are casting serious doubts about the credibility of water use claims made by Soitec Solar for four massive solar projects proposed in San Diego’s rural East County…”

Negotiations underway for water to revitalize Rams Hill golf course / San Diego Source : “While the Rams Hill Country Club needs water to bring its 18-hole golf course back from the desert, where that water will come from is under negotiations. To fulfill the plan, the course will need 800 acre feet at the outset…”

Kelp to be tested for radiation / U-T San Diego : “Scientists say that the radioisotopes cesium-134 and cesium-137 from Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi power station may have gotten picked up by ocean currents that could deliver trace amounts of the material to the California coast sometime this year…”

Additional funding available for regional turf replacement programs / San Diego County Water Authority : “Residents and businesses in the San Diego region may now be eligible for up to $2.50 per square foot in rebates for replacing turf grass with plants more suited to the county’s semi-arid climate…”

Water main break reported in Bankers Hill / U-T San Diego : “A city crew was working Thursday to repair a broken water main that had shut off water to a block of Fourth Avenue near Spruce Street, a San Diego city official said…”


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