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San Diego regional water news roundup: Jan 13-19, 2014

Posted by George J Janczyn on January 20, 2014

Olivenhain Dam, part of San Diego County Water Authority's Emergency Storage Project, creates a reservoir that can hold 24,000 acre-feet of water.

Olivenhain Dam, part of San Diego County Water Authority’s Emergency Storage Project, creates a reservoir that can hold 24,000 acre-feet of water.

  • The San Diego City Council Natural Resources & Culture Committee has changed its name to Environment Committee.
  • Independent Rates Oversight Committee (IROC) membership changes: The City Council on Tuesday reappointed Jeff Justus and Jack Kabota to new terms, and appointed Gordon Hess, Tiffany Mittal, and Craig Chapman to fill vacant positions. Justus, Kabota, and Chapman will serve in the Representative category, Mittall in the Multi-family Residential Ratepayer category, and Hess in the Temporary Irrigation and Construction Ratepayer category. IROC serves as an official advisory body to the Mayor and City Council on policy issues relating to the oversight of the City of San Diego’s Public Utilities Department’s water and wastewater operations.


California declares drought emergency / Los Angeles Times : “Gov. Jerry Brown officially declared a drought emergency in the state Friday, urging residents to cut water use by 20% and directing state agencies to take a range of steps to ease the effects of water shortages on agriculture, communities and fish and wildlife…”

Gov. proclaims drought emergency / U-T San Diego : “Gov. Jerry Brown formally proclaimed a drought Friday, saying California is in the midst of perhaps its worst dry spell in a century. He made the announcement in San Francisco amid increasing pressure from lawmakers and as firefighters battled flare-ups in a Southern California wildfire that chased thousands of people from their homes…”

Coastkeeper calls on County Water Authority to enact mandatory water conservation / San Diego Coastkeeper : “On the heels of San Diego County Water Authority’s 2013 announcement that the region has plentiful water supplies, Governor Brown announced that he expects to declare today an official drought designation for California. San Diego Coastkeeper, which protects fishable, swimmable and drinkable waters, calls on the Water Authority to be a responsible water agent for the county, the state and the Southwest region by requiring San Diegans to use water wisely…”

San Diego region’s water supplies remain adequate despite statewide drought / San Diego County Water Authority : ” Despite a statewide drought declaration on Friday, the San Diego County Water Authority has adequate supplies for 2014 because of local investments in diverse and more reliable water supplies over the past two decades and a long-term decrease in regional water demand…”

City of San Diego water supply is stable; no additional water-use restrictions at this time (PDF) / San Diego Public Utilities Department : “the City of San Diego wants to remind residents that while the call for the successful conservation efforts that have become a way of life in our City still stands, the water supply situation in San Diego is currently stable…”

SD unlikely to see water rationing despite drought declaration / San Diego Source : “Gov. Jerry Brown declared a drought emergency for the state Friday, prompting groups such as San Diego Coastkeeper to call on the San Diego County Water Authority to enact mandatory water conservation. That’s not likely to happen soon, though…”

Drought reaction and water conservation (video) / Fox5 San Diego : “Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency today over the drought in California as the Golden State faces some of the driest conditions ever recorded. Christian De La Rosa has details on how it’s affecting San Diego’s water supply…”

Drought emergency: 6 of the easiest ways to conserve water / : “Gov. Jerry Brown has proclaimed a drought emergency. So what can you do about it? Plenty. Here are the six easiest ways you can save water around the house, according to the Environmental Protection Agency…”

Encinitas negotiating $430,000 fine / U-T San Diego : ” The city of Encinitas and contractor USS Cal Builders are negotiating with the state Regional Water Control Board to try to reduce a $430,000 fine levied against them for twice letting sediment-filled storm water flow off a huge city park construction site and into San Elijo Lagoon…”

Gregory Canyon dump permit ‘canceled’ / U-T San Diego : “A pending Gregory Canyon landfill permit that has been in the works for nearly seven years was canceled Wednesday by the county’s Air Pollution Control District because the developers owe the district more than $322,000 in late fees and work already done. […] Most of the concerns over the project — from environmental groups, the Pala Tribe of Mission Indians and some North County cities — have centered on water quality and cultural sensitivity, not air pollution…”

How to save the Salton Sea / The Desert Sun : “Enough is enough. For the past 20 years the Salton Sea Authority, state of California and the U.S. federal government have studied, planned, discussed, legislated, set aside millions of dollars, met, conferred, debated and debated some more about what should be done with the Salton Sea and yet we are today with not one meaningful project under way…”

Stakeholders and business community discuss Salton Sea restoration / Imperial Valley Press : “Salton Sea Authority officials and business people met Thursday to discuss ways to restore the Salton Sea…”

New app issues water quality alerts / Scoop San Diego : “The conservation group WILDCOAST and San Diego County have launched a new app that notifies residents about the latest water quality advisories in the region…”

Water main break floods streets, residences in Southbay / NBC 7 San Diego : “A water main break in the Southbay flooded roadways and forced residents out of their homes early Sunday morning, according to city officials. Officials say a 16-inch cast iron water main broke…”


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