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San Diego regional water news roundup Aug 19-25, 2013

Posted by George J Janczyn on August 26, 2013

The Salton Sea is slowly evaporating.

The Salton Sea is slowly evaporating.

Padre Dam's recycled water creates Santee Lakes.

Padre Dam’s recycled water creates Santee Lakes.


IID calls for public-private partnership to restore Salton Sea / Imperial Valley Press : “Imperial Irrigation District officials repeated their call Tuesday for a public-private initiative that could not only restore the Salton Sea but transform the area into a renewable-energy exporter.”

Padre Dam Board approves full advanced water treatment demonstration project / Padre Dam Municipal Water District : “The Project will take Padre Dam’s recycled water through three additional steps as part of the Full Advanced Water Treatment process…[and] is the next step in determining the feasibility of the Santee Basin Groundwater Recharge and Replenishment Project (GRRP) and creating a reliable local water supply for the Santee community.”

San Dieguito Water District to raise rates / U-T San Diego : “People who live in the western half of Encinitas may be paying an extra $4.50 a month for water starting Sept. 1, and their rates could jump again next summer under a plan approved Wednesday…”

Water Authority strategies align with grand jury recommendations / San Diego County Water Authority : “The San Diego County Water Authority’s Board of Directors on Thursday said the agency is advancing plans that align with recommendations issued by the San Diego County Grand Jury in its May report, “Reduce Dependence on Imported Water…””

Helix Water to raise rates for two years / U-T San Diego : “According to the 2013-14 district budget, Irvine said during a short presentation, water purchases will increase to $36.6 million “due to low local rainfall and increased customer demand,” and total operating and administrative expenditures will increase by $1.9 million…”

Salton Sea monitoring plan released / Association of California Water Agencies : “A new interagency report released this week details a long-term plan for studying and measuring changes at the Salton Sea. The plan provides a foundation for improving conditions at the Salton Sea…”

Imperial Valley farmers put water conservation to work / Imperial Valley Press : “There is no shortage of Imperial Valley farmers who oppose the Quantification Settlement Agreement, the nation’s largest agriculture to urban-area water transfer. Under the terms of the QSA, the IID will eventually transfer to the San Diego County Water Authority 200,000 acre-feet of water annually…”

Our Voice: California’s commitment / The Desert Sun : “The new state water bond should include funding for the Salton Sea. California has ignored its obligation to fund projects to prevent the shrinking sea from becoming an environmental disaster for far too long…”

Concerns increase as Salton Sea recedes / The Desert Sun : “Along shorelines covered with dead fish and barnacle shells, the Salton Sea is gradually receding and has recently hit new lows that are exposing stretches of lake bed and pulling water away from docks…”

Is it evil to want a reliable water supply for all of California? / Los Angeles Daily News : “Is it Southern California’s lot to be cast forever as the villain when it comes to water? Maybe. Probably, in fact. But that doesn’t mean it’s fair or right…”


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