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Hillcrest CityFest 2013 delights

Posted by George J Janczyn on August 12, 2013

There were lots of San Diego events to choose from on Sunday, but we decided to visit the Hillcrest CityFest street fair because I lived there from the late 70s to mid-80s and have always liked the neighborhood. I shot these pictures between 12-4pm. Naturally, the storm drain warning sign leads since it’s water related. There’s a major sidewalk crack on the west side of 5th Avenue near Pennsylvania that’s an accident waiting to happen as you’ll see shortly. As always, the pictures can be clicked for enlargements and will look best on a decent size display. I hope you enjoy them.

_DSC4382E _DSC4384E
_DSC4387E _DSC4393E
_DSC4400E _DSC4410E

_DSC4421E _DSC4433E
_DSC4438E _DSC4445E
_DSC4448E _DSC4452e
_DSC4454E _DSC4457E
_DSC4458E _DSC4460E
_DSC4471E _DSC4472E
_DSC4476E _DSC4480E
_DSC4477E _DSC4479E
_DSC4417E _DSC4435E
_DSC4433E _DSC4486E
_DSC4491E _DSC4495E


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