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San Diego regional water news roundup Oct 29-Nov 4, 2012

Posted by George J Janczyn on November 5, 2012

A selected roundup of news related to San Diego regional water issues.

Sub-seabed intake being considered / : “Since it was first proposed, San Diego County Water Authority’s Camp Pendleton SWRO project has considered a variety of sub-seabed intakes. According to RBF’s Paul Findley, the latest evolution of the DIG concept now being considered includes a 14-foot (4.3m) diameter tunnel…”

Sutherland Dam, Santa Ysabel Creek and the San Dieguito River Valley Park / Ramona Home Journal : “”Whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting” was the common adage of the west. And it was no different here when the City of San Diego, being the largest city and most influential political body in the county, was acquiring water rights to many of the large tributaries and watersheds, including the San Diego, San Vicente and San Dieguito rivers during the era of early development.”

RMWD has made crucial changes since 2007 Witch Creek Fire / Ramona Patch : “If you were in Ramona during the 2007 Witch Creek Fire, you’ll remember that after the devastating fire came through, the town was left without water for days, causing harsh criticism of the local water district from many residents. Having learned from the 2007 state of emergency, the water district said it has implemented many changes in the past five years that will help with future natural disasters and emergencies.”

‘Dragon Fruit’ one answer to farm water shortage / KPBS : “San Diego farmers looking for a profitable plant that will reduce their water bill have one strong option. Dragon fruit grows on a cactus and it’s native to Central America. Today, it’s seen by some local farmers as an alternative to citrus and avocado groves, which are more water intensive.”

A basin-scale approach for assessing water resources in a semiarid environment: San Diego region, California and Mexico / Hydrology and Earth System Sciences : “The San Diego River basin is 1 of 5 major drainage basins that drain to the San Diego coastal plain, the source of public water supply for the San Diego area. This paper demonstrates a methodology for using a distributed parameter water-balance model, gaged surface-water flow, and a reconnaissance-level groundwater flow model to develop a first-order water balance.”

Lake Hodges’ water fluctuation to continue / Pomerado News : “Months of no rain until recently combined with testing of the new Hodges Hydroelectric Facility has resulted in little water in the Rancho Bernardo section of Lake Hodges…in the coming months locals will see the water level fluctuate as the city and San Diego County Water Authority fully utilize the Lake Hodges Reservoir to augment emergency storage of water for the region and start adding the lake’s water into the city’s water supply.”

Valley Center to furnish water to Meadowood project / Fallbrook Village News : “The San Diego County Water Authority approved a resolution establishing preliminary informal terms and conditions for the Valley Center Municipal Water District to annex the Meadowood area into the SDCWA. The EIR for Meadowood cited an approximate water demand of 329 acre-feet per year from the CWA…”

Rainy season offers a chance to save money by trimming outdoor water use / Scoop San Diego : “As summer’s heat fades, the San Diego County Water Authority encourages residents to assess their outdoor watering needs and adjust their irrigation systems to reduce water waste. The end of daylight saving time on Nov. 4 offers homeowners, gardeners, landscape contractors and facility managers a reminder that plants and lawns don’t need as much water during the winter months.”

November 1 marks change in irrigation times / San Diego Public Utilities Department : “November 1 marks the day in which the City of San Diego water irrigation times change. From now through May 31, City customers can water their landscape as early as 4 p.m. By comparison, from June to October when we have the hotter months of the year, customers aren’t allowed to use their irrigation systems until after 6 p.m.”

Federal lawmakers don’t put money where the Salton Sea is / iSun Investigative Blog : “U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, in an Oct. 11 letter to the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works chaired by her fellow California Democrat, U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer, requested $1.3 billion for California water projects from Sacramento down to Calexico. Conspicuously missing from the list, however, is any request for money toward Salton Sea restoration.”

Tijuana water outage planned for November 7 / San Diego Reader : “Beginning at six o’clock in the morning on November 7, approximately 95 percent of the greater Tijuana area will be without running water. The service is expected to resume normally 12 hours later, according to the state’s commission of public services in Tijuana (CESPT, or Comisión Estatal de Servicios Públicos de Tijuana).”

Carlsbad Desalination Project report of October 2012 public workshops / San Diego County Water Authority : “Presentation given at the San Diego County Water Authority’s Water Planning Meeting on Oct. 25, 2012.”


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