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San Diego regional water news roundup Sep 1-7, 2012

Posted by George J Janczyn on September 8, 2012

A selected roundup of news related to San Diego regional water issues. Click headlines for the full story at originating website.

DuMars to give final report to IID, Imperial Valley residents / Imperial Valley Press : “[T]he lawyer tasked with coming up with a plan B for the nation’s largest agriculture-to-urban water transfer is set to make his final report and recommendations on how to move forward. The QSA is a set of agreements that transfer IID entitlement water to urban areas like Los Angeles and San Diego.”

Barnum asks for board direction on desalinated water vote / Ramona Sentinel : “As one of 24 member agencies of the San Diego County Water Authority (CWA), Ramona Municipal Water District may have to purchase desalinated water even though the water would not be distributed to Ramona.”

Judge orders MWD to begin producing documents in first round of discovery in Water Authority rate challenge / San Diego County Water Authority : “San Francisco Superior Court Judge Richard A. Kramer today ordered the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California immediately to begin producing documents relating to MWD’s 2011 and 2012 water rates. The San Diego County Water Authority has sought documents it believes will show that MWD’s 2011 and 2012 rates do not meet the requirements of California law, and do not reflect the actual, reasonable or proportional cost of providing services to the Water Authority.”

Poseidon Water Purchase Agreement: private profit, public risk [PDF] / Coastal Environmental Rights Foundation [et al.] : “Poseidon initially promised that the cost of desalinated water from its proposed Carlsbad Desalination Plant would not exceed the cost of imported water.i However, the latest estimates released by Poseidon and the San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA) reveal that the true cost of this desalinated water has nearly tripled…”

Learn about water quality in the border region / SurfRider San Diego : “Ewan Moffat, Environmental Health Specialist with the San Diego County Department of Environmental Health will be talking about the beach water quality, advisories and closures for San Diego County.”

QSA committees proposed, set to be decided in September / Imperial Valley Press : “In just a couple of weeks, the Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors will decide how to proceed in developing a path forward for the Quantification Settlement Agreement.”

September 13 public meeting on Carlsbad desalination agreement moved to October 2 / San Diego County Water Authority : “Because the draft agreement is not yet complete, the Water Authority is moving back the schedule for hosting two evening public meetings dedicated to receiving public comment on the document.”


One Response to “San Diego regional water news roundup Sep 1-7, 2012”

  1. Burton Freeman said

    Regarding the Imperial Valley Press article: “In just a couple of weeks, the IID Board will decide how to proceed in developing a path forward for the QSA”.

    And San Diego County thought it had a diversified source for (about half of) its water supply! What does a “path forward” imply?; renegotiating both the amount and the price? In addition to IID issues about who will fallow and at what price?

    In addition to currently recognized questions affecting Colorado water, about: future source amount and allocation from the Colorado River to California; demand for water to “restore” the Salton Sea; condition of and repairs to the Colorado Aqueduct; wheeling charges by MWD for water from the Colorado; litigation with MWD; etc.

    In additon to vulnerability of Colorado River water delivery system to catastrophic events.

    Is this safe and secure water through diversification?

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