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San Diego water rates and charges after completion of the Carlsbad desalination plant

Posted by George J Janczyn on July 16, 2012

The San Diego County Water Authority held a special board meeting July 12, 2012 to hear a discussion about a possible framework to guide how San Diego County water agencies could be charged for water when the Poseidon Carlsbad Desalination Project is complete.

One question for the City of San Diego (which buys only untreated water and will not receive desalinated water) is how much it will nevertheless be required to contribute to the project’s expense.

Listen in and watch here.

Audio part 1

Audio part 2


(view as PDF)



To be continued at the next SDCWA board meeting scheduled for July 26.


One Response to “San Diego water rates and charges after completion of the Carlsbad desalination plant”

  1. San Diego County Water Authority said

    To clarify for your posters and readers, desalinated water from the Carlsbad Project, if approved by the Water Authority Board, would replace existing State Water Project supplies and would serve water needs throughout the Water Authority’s service area. It will enhance the reliability of our total water supply whether a customer receives treated or untreated water.

    The discussion with the Board on the allocation of potential Carlsbad desalination costs to rate categories is part of the process of rate setting using cost of service principles. Cost of Service requires that benefits of expenses, such as the fact that desalinated water is treated water meeting all state and federal regulations, be assigned to its appropriate service category. Cost of service principles are applied to setting rates for water serving existing and new demand.

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