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San Diego regional water news roundup Jun 1-7, 2012

Posted by George J Janczyn on June 8, 2012

A selected roundup of news related to San Diego regional water issues. Click headlines for the full story at originating website.

The public warms to wastewater recycling / Water Reliability Coalition : “New York Time’s Felicity Barringer recently wrote an article referencing San Diego’s new water recycling project. According to the article, in the Southwest, the cost of recycling waste water is not significantly higher than imported water or groundwater and the process is about 14 percent cheaper than desalinated sea water, which takes somewhere between 3-10 times as much energy…”

Water board consolidation nixed, for now / U-T San Diego : “A cost-cutting measure that threatened to hamper regulation of water pollution in San Diego County appears to be scrapped for now but the state will continue to look for ways to make regional water quality control boards more efficient.”

San Diego Water Board still weighing options over desal / DC Bureau : “After more than a decade spent talking about building a large-scale ocean desalination plant in Carlsbad, California, the private equity firm proposing to finance the project has one last hurdle to overcome: It needs someone to agree to buy the water.”

The incredible saga of the Salton Sea / Voice of America : “It’s hard to believe that such scenes as this abound in what was supposed to be a Shangri-La in the sand. But dreams and schemes of paradise along the shores of the Salton Sea, a tranquil, buoyant, low-lying inland sea in the bleak and blistering desert at the very bottom of California, never came close to reality. The sad reasons why are a confluence of geology, hydrology, history, hokum, and hope.”

Taking the waste out of wastewater / New York Times : [Psychologist Paul Rozin zeroes in on the most significant problem that must be confronted in making purified recycled water an integral part of our potable water portfolio. –Gj]

Golden Hill well could aid San Diego water supply / U-T San Diego : “San Diego water officials on Tuesday announced a new exploratory well-drilling initiative as part of their quest to develop additional water sources. The 32nd Street Test Well Project is on undeveloped land in Golden Hill on 32nd Street between C Street and Highway 94. The well is being drilled into a deep aquifer system known as the San Diego Formation that underlies the southern metropolitan coastal area.”

Oceanside water rates going up / U-T San Diego : “Oceanside’s water rates will rise about 7 percent and sewer charges will rise about 3.5 percent next budget year, city utilities officials project…Water costs, which typically are passed on to ratepayers, have risen sharply in recent years, and are expected to increase about 10 percent countywide next year.”

Directors examine district’s surplus properties / Ramona Sentinel : “Looking for ways to improve revenue, Ramona Municipal Water District directors are inquiring about district surplus property and that includes examining a 68-year-old title deed and revisiting the Bargar water treatment plant.”


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