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San Diego regional water news roundup Apr 16-23, 2012

Posted by George J Janczyn on April 24, 2012

A selected roundup of news related to the San Diego regional water supply. Click headlines for the full story at originating website.

State’s short-term water supplies improve / U-T San Diego : “Short-term water supplies for San Diego and the rest of the state improved significantly in March, when mountain snow levels shot up in key areas. The state Department of Water Resources said Monday that it now can meet 60 percent of the requests from the State Water Project this year, up from 50 percent on Feb. 22.”

IID to meet with QSA lawyers, talk over state restoration plan and bid process / Imperial Valley Press : “Allen Matkins attorneys David Osias and Mark Hattam are set to go before the board to give an update on issues surrounding the district’s water transfer to San Diego. The two are set to give an update on the water transfer litigation and the petition to the State Water Resources Control Board to sell mitigation water set now to go to the Salton Sea and use the proceeds for mitigation projects.”

New sewer station gets pumping / The Coast News : “After more than 10 years of planning and two years of construction, the city celebrated the completion of its 21st Street pump station with a ribbon cutting, tour of the new facility and free-throw contest. “The previous facility was a tin can,” Mayor Carl Hilliard said. “When I was elected to the council (in 2004) one of the first things they did was take me on a tour ‘de la sewer.’ I went down in a one-person elevator and they showed me a line where the sewage rose and almost went into the lagoon.”

San Diego MS4 storm water NPDES permit renewal / Project Clean Water : “The San Diego Water Board is considering the development and adoption of a Regional Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Storm Water NPDES Permit (Regional MS4 Permit) that will be issued to municipal Copermittees in San Diego County, Southern Orange County and Riverside County. Currently, each of these counties within the San Diego Region has its own municipal storm water permit.”

Report on terms of initial annexation of San Diego County Water Authority [PDF} / Metropolitan Water District of Southern California : “Report on the terms of the initial annexation of San Diego County Water Authority”

Six appeal landmark SD Bay cleanup plan / U-T San Diego : “Six agencies and companies have appealed a landmark cleanup order for San Diego Bay, thrusting the $70 million plan into uncertainty a month after it was unanimously approved by the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board.”

Osias updates Imperial Irrigation District directors, public on water transfer / Imperial Valley Press : “Litigation-wise in the water transfer cases “IID continues to win,” Osias said. Of the 15 Quantification Settlement Agreement cases filed against the IID and three cross-complaints, most have been dismissed, while a few still await trial.”

Water issues in San Diego / Mrs. McKelvey’s Bloggin Frogs [Third graders leaping into the bloggin world] : “The challenge for Week 4:Make it global, had us thinking about water issues in our area. After doing some research and thinking about what we already know, we can tell you that San Diego has two main issues. These issues are: a limited water supply because of where we live; and pollution of our waterways, including our bays and ocean.”

Boil water order issued in Ramona at Sutherland Reservoir / East County Magazine : “The County of San Diego, Department of Environmental Health (DEH) has issued a Boil Water Order and Public Notification for Sutherland Reservoir Recreation Area Water System located at 22850 Sutherland Dam Road, Ramona, effective immediately.”

The Colorado River and its future / San Diego County Water Authority : “San Diego County imports up to 80 percent of its water supply. A majority of that water travels hundreds of miles from the Colorado River before it makes it to our region. Join us at our next quarterly Water Talks forum to learn more about what is being done by local water agencies and the Bureau of Reclamation to ensure that the river continues to flow.”

Coastkeeper’s Board of Directors approves our 2012-2015 strategic plan / San Diego Coastkeeper : “…read our new three-year strategic plan and get to know the four new members of our board of directors [about] our new mission “to protect and restore fishable, swimmable and drinkable waters in San Diego County,” our legal clinic, laboratory, high-tech committee and education activities.”

Appellate Court summarily denies MWD writ petition to prevent discovery in rate case / San Diego County Water Authority : “California’s 1st Appellate District Court of Appeal Thursday summarily denied a writ petition by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California seeking to prevent discovery in a lawsuit filed by the San Diego County Water Authority challenging MWD’s 2011 and 2012 rates.”

RMWD board reviews project agreements / Ramona Sentinel: “[Ramona Municipal Water District’s] directors approved an agreement with the County of San Diego for construction of the San Vicente Road water pipeline relocation. The pipeline must be relocated as the county will be realigning and widening a section of San Vicente Road between Warnock Drive and Wildcat Canyon Road and the pipeline is in the right of way.”

Metropolitan Water District fires back against San Diego County Water Authority / North County Times : “Below is the conplete text of a letter dated today from Metropolitan Water District to its board of directors, replying to the San Diego County Water Authority’s letter of March 28, replying to Metropolitan’s letter of March 23 (PDF) to U-T San Diego, formerly the San Diego Union-Tribune. Is that meta enough for you?”

It isn’t easy being greener / U-T San Diego : “Drinking plenty of water is good for you. Recycling your many water bottles is supposed to be good for the planet. But between the energy consumed by the recycling process and the mass of lazy-people throwaways congealing in Pacific Trash Vortex, recyclable water bottles are not the key to greener, more hydrated living. That reusable bottle lurking in the back of your kitchen cabinet just might be.”

Bugs and worms steal spotlight in wetland restoration / U-T San Diego : “As waterways go, San Marcos Creek is hardly iconic. Even in the spring, it’s barely noticeable next to the city’s hardware stores, banks and eateries. But the stream has quietly gained regional significance as a test case for an emerging approach to regulating water quality that has broad implications for businesses, residents and aquatic species across California.”


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