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San Diego regional water news roundup Oct 8-13, 2011

Posted by George J Janczyn on October 14, 2011

(A selective roundup of regional water news reports. Click headline to read full story at originating website.)

Scale-Tron installs high-yield RCC plant for dam / Concrete Homes Magazine : “The San Diego County Water Authority is overseeing the construction of the $1 billion San Vicente Dam Raise Project…The control system is a Scale-Tron BatchTron III PLC…it replenishes the twin holding hoppers underneath the mixers, based on level sensors, and sequences weigh scales, holding hoppers and mixers in a continuous duet…”

The massive sewage spill we stopped talking about / Two Cathedrals : “Already, the California Regional Water Quality Control Board has asked for the documentation necessary to take action against the City of San Diego for violation of California Water Code.”

Otay pins water hopes on Mexico plant / SignOnSanDiego : “The Otay Water District has shelved two local water projects to focus its resources on a proposed desalination plant in Mexico that Mexican officials say has many hurdles to clear before approval.”

Ribbon-cutting to be held for San Dieguito Park recycled water conversion project / Del Mar Times : “The Santa Fe Irrigation District (SFID) will host a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Wednesday, Oct. 26 at noon at the County of San Diego’s San Dieguito Park to commemorate the conversion of the parks irrigation system to recycled water use.”

Water main break diverts traffic near SDSU / NBC San Diego : “A water main break in the College area caused the street above it buckle Monday causing thousands of gallons of water to flood Montezuma Rd.”

REGION: Governor vetoes bill to stop Gregory Canyon dump / North County Times : “”Protection of the river is the duty and responsibility of the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board, with a right to appeal to the State Water Board,” the governor said.”

The story beneath the University City sinkhole / Voice of San Diego : “The city of San Diego knows it has a huge backlog of infrastructure repairs. But, oftentimes, it doesn’t know exactly what it needs to fix.”

The power went out and the city pooped itself / Voice of San Diego : “Roger Bailey, the city’s director of public utilities, estimated it would cost up to $3 million…to install a backup generator for Pump Station 64…even if you provide backup power, that won’t help if an earthquake bursts dozens of pipes or a fire consumes a pump station. Where do you hedge your bets?”

Taking control of our water destiny / SignOnSanDiego : “San Diego has many things in abundance: sunshine, scenic vistas, cutting-edge technologies, Nobel laureates. The one thing it doesn’t have is a sustainable water supply.”

Southern California’s real water problem – pricing / SignOnSanDiego : “…most consumers have no reason to use less water when a drought or dispute over supplies increases water scarcity. That’s because their water bill is based on the cost of water service…”


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