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San Diego regional water news roundup Sep 24-30, 2011

Posted by George J Janczyn on October 1, 2011

(Selected regional water news reports. Click headlines to read.)

The environmental resurrection of south San Diego Bay / Voice of San Diego : “South San Diego Bay is coming back to life. After more than a century of neglect, the southernmost part of the bay that touches Imperial Beach is being restored.”

More Los Penasquitos Lagoon follow up / San Diego Coastkeeper : “I would like to share what is going on with the Los Penasquitos sewage spill from September 8. Since the spill, Coastkeeper conducted additional monitoring in the creek as well as in the lagoon…”

Blackout’s sewage spills 75 percent greater than reported / SignOnSanDiego : “Two raw sewage spills caused by the Sept. 8 power outage totaled nearly 3.5 million gallons, roughly 75 percent more than what San Diego city officials told regulators and the public in the aftermath.”

Border sewage treatment not making grade / SignOnSanDiego : “After more than $92 million in upgrades at a federal wastewater treatment plant in San Ysidro, the facility has yet to prove it can consistently meet Clean Water Act standards — and it’s been nearly 10 months since a court-ordered deadline.”

City utility failures spur calls for vulnerability review / SignOnSanDiego : “Breakdowns in San Diego’s sewer and water systems during the Sept. 8 power outage highlight the need for a systematic review of weaknesses in the sprawling and aging utility system, the head of a city advisory board told council members during a Wednesday hearing at City Hall.”

Rising water rates force changes in Santee landscaping: community workshop Oct. 5 / East County Magazine : “The city’s landscape maintenance zones are at a financial turning point…. Water rates are forecast to rise up to 94%, which would cost the city $128,00 each year by 2018 if no changes are made.”

Broken water line under repair downtown / SignOnSanDiego : “A 16-inch water main broke beneath the pavement west of Pacific Highway at West A Street Thursday night, leaving condominiums and at least one restaurant without water…”

Water District plans further training to prepare for any major emergency / Ramona Patch : “The follow-up plans for the district include training multiple employees to take on critical tasks in an emergency, and to work with SDG&E to develop a more time-efficient method for obtaining a back-up generator.”

Red tide spawns blue light show at night on San Diego coastline / LA Times : “The blue glow is caused by an algae bloom commonly referred to as a red tide. The organisms, phytoplankton called Lingulodinium polyedrum, have bloomed since late August, turning the water brownish-red in the daytime, according to UC San Diego scientists.”

Surf’s lighted up at San Diego beaches / SignOnSanDiego : “A strong red tide along the San Diego County coastline is causing brilliant neon blue bioluminescence that’s visible at night as tiny light-producing organisms get stirred up as the waves break.”

Salt ponds now reach the bay; major phase of restoration complete / Imperial Beach Patch : “After months of dredging, years of preparation and nearly half a century of isolation, two levees have been broken to allow the tide to flow back into salt ponds, returning more than 200 acres of land to San Diego Bay.”

Sinkhole opens at downtown San Diego intersection / NBC San Diego : “The intersection of Pacific Highway and A Street was flooded due to a water main break Thursday at 8 p.m. Some people say the water was two feet high in some spots.”

Poseidon donates legal costs recovered from Surfrider Foundation to Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation / Poseidon Resources : “Poseidon Resources today announced that it has recovered $3,932.64 in legal costs from the Surfrider Foundation as compensation for the failed lawsuits against the Carlsbad Desalination Project. Poseidon Resources has donated the funds to the Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation to further the Foundation’s environmental stewardship and educational efforts.”

New school system harvests rainwater / Ramona Home Journal & Julian Journal : “The new water catchment system [at Julian Elementary School] is designed to harvest one-third of the rainfall from the roof of the building adjacent to the garden through two separate operations. The new technology was paid for by grants from Supervisor Jacob’s Neighborhood Reinvestment Program and the San Diego Farm Bureau.”

Green guide: whaling lecture and bay sediment hearings / SignOnSanDiego : “There are several environmental events on tap over the next several weeks, including a lecture by one of the world’s top whale photographers and series of hearings about cleaning up San Diego Bay.”


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