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Chris Austin does Imperial Valley water with style

Posted by George J Janczyn on August 18, 2011

Chris Austin, the tireless maven for the well-known Aquafornia California water news service from the Water Education Foundation has just completed a new slideshow: From Imperial Valley to the Salton Sea: The Story of Imperial Valley’s Water.

Chris decided about a year ago to embark on a project to tell a history of the Imperial Valley and the formation of the Salton Sea in pictures.

This educational and visually stimulating show is another phase in Chris’s ongoing effort. She has travelled to conduct interviews, do research, take photographs, write, edit, get input from members of the Imperial Irrigation District, the IV Cooperative Extension Service, the Salton Sea Authority, and more.

In addition to being of interest to the community that regularly follows California water issues, the show is likely to be useful for others like college professors teaching water resources engineering and other such courses. There’s a good bibliography of resources at the end, too.

Be sure to visit her Maven’s Manor blog that contains a variety of articles and slideshows on California’s Water and other topics, and her Maven’s Photoblog which is filled with wonderful pictures and stories.

I’m embedding Chris’s slideshow below with her permission; I encourage you to switch to full-screen for best effect.



4 Responses to “Chris Austin does Imperial Valley water with style”

  1. mjlehner said This is a link that describes the San Andreas fault from north of San Francisco all the way down to Mexico. If Chris Austin could take this piece, add her photo-journalistic skills to it and put together one of her pictorial documentaries, this information would be transformed. I read through the information in the link and while it is fabulous in it’s content, I just cannot visualize the areas described. This would be so much better if Maven could apply her art to it!

  2. mjlehner said

    PS: I have gone through all of Chris Austin’s work that I can find and it is all splendid. The one above about Imperial Valley and the diversion of the Colorado River’s water is just great. The pictures make it real for me.

  3. Actually, I am working on exactly that – following the San Andreas Fault system and doing a slide show that will cover it from end to end. It just going to take me a few years (unfortunately) to travel the length of the fault.

    Thanks so much for the complement!

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