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San Diego regional water news roundup Aug 1-7, 2011

Posted by George J Janczyn on August 8, 2011

( Selected regional water news reports. Click headlines to read.)

Fact check: cleaner water than Orange County? / Voice of San Diego : “Determination: mostly true”

Lemon Grove fighting back against water-rate hikes / SignOnSanDiego : “Upset with the Helix Water District’s plan to raise customers’ rates this year, the Lemon Grove City Council on Tuesday night voted to put together a letter expressing its disappointment and official opposition on behalf of the city’s 25,000 citizens.”

Recycling water – a clear solution for San Diego? / SignOnSanDiego : “The City of San Diego is in the middle of a one-year, $11.8 million pilot project to prove that this water is safe to drink. They are providing tours to see this process firsthand. We will discuss this process, and how San Diegans are becoming more confident with the idea of recycling water.”

Shores Association keeping tabs on key issues / La Jolla Light : “The city of San Diego recently presented a proposal to replace the storm sewers on Avenida de la Playa and to build a new outfall structure on the beach. A new modern system will prevent storm water, debris, and pollution from flowing directly into the Marine Reserve…”

Commentary: A giveaway at the Otay Water District / SignOnSanDiego : “The Taxpayers Association calls on the Otay Water District board to rescind its recent vote to enhance lifetime medical and dental benefits…”

Water district alerts community to backflow device thefts / Ramona Sentinel : “Backflow device thefts are occurring in Ramona during the past few weeks, reports the Ramona Municipal Water District. More than a dozen thefts and known attempts to steal backflow devices have occurred in the area since mid-July.”

Could Southern California’s water woes be eased by a desalination plant in Mexico? / Geo-Mexico : “Southern California water officials are reportedly considering helping to finance a desalination plant in Mexico as a partial solution to their on-going water issues. The proposal has been roundly condemned by several environmental groups…”

Lakeside planners, residents awash in questions for Helix officials over water reclamation/sand mining project / East County Magazine : “…heated questions at a Lakeside Planning Group meeting Wednesday night over the District’s proposed El Monte Valley Mining, Reclamation, and Groundwater Recharge project.”

Coastal cleanup day targets 10,000 local helpers / SignOnSanDiego : “Coordinators with I Love a Clean San Diego and San Diego Coastkeeper expect about 10,000 local volunteers to participate in the 27th Annual California Coastal Cleanup Day at more than 85 inland and coastal cleanup sites.”

Paint on boat hulls fouling Shelter Island waters / KPBS : “The Port of San Diego is encouraging Shelter Island boat owners to sign up for grant funding to help pay for removal of copper hull paints.”

Tiny ‘outlaw’ mollusks aren’t as bad as feared / SignOnSanDiego : “Quagga mussels have been sighted at more spots in San Diego County than anywhere else in the state, but…“We just haven’t seen the active growth that we had anticipated,” said Gary Eaton, director of operations and maintenance for the San Diego County Water Authority.”

Algae visionary imagines a future that’s green — literally / SignOnSanDiego : “Mitchell, director of the Photobiology Group at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, is best-known as an algae pioneer, developing strains of “green crude,” or as some might say, “drop-in pond scum,” that may in the not-too-distant future power some of the ships in the Navy’s new green.”


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