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San Diego regional water news roundup Apr 22-30, 2011

Posted by George J Janczyn on May 1, 2011

(Selected regional water news reports. Click headlines to read.)

Camp Pendleton sewage spills spark lawsuit / SignOnSanDiego : “A leading environmental group has sued Camp Pendleton over more than 130 alleged violations of the Clean Water Act at the sprawling North County military base.”

Water concerns wane as drought fades / SignOnSanDiego : “Water has decreased “significantly” as a top-of-mind issue for San Diego County residents since 2009 and public tolerance for rate increases has waned, according to regional survey results released last week.”

Mexico’s ocean could become U.S.’s drinking water / Voice of San Diego : “The major water agencies that supply San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Tucson are studying whether to build a seawater desalination plant in Mexico as a way to boost supplies in the United States.”

County May End District-Imposed Water Restrictions / 10News : “Local consumer watchdog groups said that move would tell consumers to use more water. They say it would send the wrong message.”

San Diego Council members see benefit of water purification votes / San Diego Coastkeeper : “Once the third rail of San Diego politics, water purification became much more palatable at City Hall due to continuing periods of drought and budget shortfalls.”

Will city, county end water supply restrictions? / KPBS (audio) : “We’ll speak to representatives from the Metropolitan Water District, the San Diego County Water Authority and the city’s Public Utilities Department.”

Solana Beach water district cuts more than $800,000 from budget / Del Mar Times : “The cuts include trimming $520,000 from the water district’s operating budget, and a decision by the board not to make a $311,000 payment into a trust fund for future retiree health benefits…”

Carlsbad State Beach polluted by sewage spill / San Diego 6 : “A sewage spill prompted a pollution alert along a stretch of coastline near Batiquitos Lagoon Wednesday.”

Temecula-area growers use technology to cut water use / Press-Enterprise : “A handful of Temecula-area avocado and wine grape growers are now using soil moisture measurement devices wired to the Internet as part of a water district pilot program.”

REGION: Water agencies would be taxed under state bill / North County Times : “[Senator] Simitian is offering SB 34 as an alternative to an $11.4 billion water bond measure the Legislature recently placed on the ballot for November 2012.”

San Diegans being overcharged on water rates? / SignOnSanDiego : “County Water Authority officials said in 2011, every ratepayer in the county will see an extra $3 charge on every monthly bill — which adds up to $31 million this year.”

Drought over but locals still asked to conserve / 10 News : “Water officials suggest San Diegans maintain the discipline they developed the past few years, as it will continue to save water and money. It will also train them for the next time California suffers through a drought.”

REGION: Water Authority ends mandatory restrictions / North County Times : “The authority also said a poll indicates urban water users will continue saving water, even after the end of mandatory restrictions.” Also: SDCWA news release

RAINBOW: Rainbow Water District considers rate increase to cover reservoirs / North County Times : “The Rainbow Municipal Water District is considering ways to pay for mandated upgrades to reservoirs, with one proposed funding method —- a flat-rate increase —- pitting growers against homeowners who view it as unfair to those who use less water.”

Painting the big picture on water / San Diego Land Use Daily : ““No Time to Waste! No Water to Waste!” This is San Diego’s water conservation motto….Apparently now there’s ample time to waste water.”

Untreated groundwater in Imperial County normal, according to new report / Imperial Valley Press : “Groundwater in Imperial County is somewhat unremarkable, and that’s a good thing, said Michael Wright, a hydrologist with the U.S. Geological Survey. The federal agency, in coordination with the state’s Water Quality Control Board, has finished tests of the desert Southwest of California, and preliminary results were presented at a meeting Thursday.”


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