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A day at the Salton Sea; a visit to Feather River Canyon

Posted by George J Janczyn on February 6, 2011

Chris Austin has some photographs she took during trips she made to Northern California and the Imperial Valley and is now sharing them on her Maven’s Photoblog (Chris is the Aqua Blog Maven for the Water Education Foundation’s Aquafornia California water news website).

Chris has been working on a history of the Imperial Valley that will include a technical presentation on the Imperial Dam, a look at geothermal power and agriculture in Imperial Valley, and a study of the Salton Sea. I guess we can consider these Salton Sea photos a teaser for her project.

Up north, Chris drove Highway 70 through the Feather River Canyon which is considered one of the most scenic driving routes in the state. The Feather River rises in four forks that drain the upper basin and join together at Lake Oroville Reservoir. Here in SoCal we know Oroville as a major source of the water we receive via the California Aqueduct.

I think you’ll enjoy seeing the photographs. Just click on the picture below to connect to the whole series. After you view the pictures you might also like to see Chris’s Maven’s Manor, her personal blog that contains a selection of articles and slideshows on California’s Water, a “visual primer” on electricity, slideshows from Eastern California including Death Valley and the Los Angeles Aqueduct, and a link to her Maven’s Photoblog.


One Response to “A day at the Salton Sea; a visit to Feather River Canyon”

  1. dory c said

    These photos are lovely – I read the captions and must say that i’m glad the developement never really got off the ground since the ‘ground’ is beautiful as is and a haven for the birds.

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