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San Diego regional water news roundup Nov. 24-30, 2010

Posted by George J Janczyn on December 1, 2010

NOTE: An anonymously-produced website called San Diego County News copied this water news roundup, reformatted it, and made it appear as if I wrote it for their website (see I have no affiliation with that website.
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FORUM: Does the fountain really need to be shut off? / North County Times : “There are rules, and then there are damn rules. There are rules that should never be broken, and there are rules that prove the exception. Case in point: The Carlsbad Village Fountain, corner of State and Grand.”

New wave of planning for coastal zones / : “At the most recent installment of an ongoing series of Greenovation Forums at the University of California, San Diego, a panel of experts warned of the potential threats to both cities and discussed ongoing methods for mitigating and adapting to risks posed by climate change and rising ocean levels.”

San Diego beaches part of coastal-ecology study / SignOnSanDiego : “More than 30 years ago, scientists surveyed 60 beaches in San Diego County and other parts of Southern California to create the area’s most comprehensive catalog of coastal species. Today, another group of researchers is revisiting that data to determine how much those beaches have changed.”

Water rates will rise in Carlsbad / SignOnSanDiego : “Carlsbad residents will see higher water and sewer rates starting Jan. 1. The City Council voted 4-0 Tuesday to raise the average residential water bill by about $6.14 a month, and the sewer bills by $2.10.”

[Imperial] County files in Appeal / KXO Radio : “The IID, San Diego Authority and others appealed Judge Candees [QSA] decision. This week Imperial County and the Air Pollution Control District filed their response to those briefs and they say they addressed what they call the Environmental Impact Report deficiencies not addressed by the Judge.”

Saving the Salton Sea, one field of algae at a time / CAIVN : “The ever-saltier Salton Sea could be saved by a simple one word solution — algae. At least that’s what a trio of scientists from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego believe.”

OCEANSIDE: City hopes to produce more of its own water / North County Times : “Plans to make Oceanside less dependent on costly imported water by expanding the city’s desalination program have taken on a new urgency as city officials warn of ongoing water-rate increases.”

Border sewage plant nears completion / SignOnSanDiego : “An expanded sewage-treatment plant more than a decade in the making has started processing wastewater in San Ysidro, and the agency in charge said it’s on track to meet a court-ordered deadline for reducing coastal water pollution.”

Drilling for knowledge / SignOnSanDiego : “Water that may be of high enough quality to drink is stored in a 350-square-mile underground layer that stretches from La Jolla to the international border and from about state Route 125 to west of the coastline. The big mystery is how much, how deep and whether it’s worthwhile for public agencies to drill wells and pump it out.”

The quiet end of San Elijo Lagoon / SignOnSanDiego : “The eastern portion of San Elijo Lagoon offers a less-traveled trail that winds through forests of eucalyptus and a few Torrey pines before it emerges into the coastal sage scrub for glimpses of the namesake lagoon.”

Tax revenue debate delays desalination plant / SignOnSanDiego : “Science may offer the means for converting seawater into fresh water, but for now the future of a long-planned desalination plant in San Diego County may hinge on something so unrelated as the desire to realign a road.”

Store owners suing city of Chula Vista over tainted water / 10News : “After drinking and cleaning with treated sewage water for two years, the owners of Candy Bouquet in Chula Vista said they are prepared to go to court.”

Head of Borrego Water District steps down / San Diego Reader : “Williamson’s resignation comes three years after he was hired as head of the water district…Water levels aren’t the only thing dropping in Borrego. During the past three years, cash reserves have plummeted by nearly $5 million.”


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