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Google Street View car hanging out in Del Cerro

Posted by George J Janczyn on November 10, 2010

A Google Street View camera car has been parked in front of a Del Cerro home at night for the past week or so. During the day it’s been roaming the surrounding neighborhood (where I live). Perhaps the driver lives there or maybe is staying with friends. I assume Google is re-shooting the neighborhood with the latest 4th Generation HD-quality cameras.

This morning I had my DSLR because I was coming home from a surfing photo session at the beach, so I pulled over to take a picture (I know, there are already millions of pics in Google Images). I quickly discovered the driver was inside the car preparing to leave and I had to move quickly for my camera.

In this sequence, the driver executed a slightly-illegal u-turn (he’s in a one-way single lane), went back to the end of the island and angled to the other side before crossing the intersection. He did this in order to avoid having to drive straight ahead for a block and legally u-turn into the lane going the opposite direction. Running late or saving energy, I guess.

Pics are clickable for enlargement.

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