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San Diego regional water news roundup Aug 14-18, 2010

Posted by George J Janczyn on August 19, 2010

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Mexico, US talking about Colorado River water / Las Vegas Sun : “A powerful Easter Sunday earthquake along the Mexico border has had ripple effects in Nevada, spurring international talks about future use of the Colorado River and the water level in Lake Mead.”

Two birds, one stone / Poway Blog : “No wonder the staff doesn’t want to talk about the sewer fees. Where would they get money to play auto-dealer musical chairs with if they couldn’t fleece us on our sewer bills?”

WWII bomber to resurface after 65 years / NBC San Diego : “The Navy started the recovery process on Monday to salvage a World War II bomber that crashed in Otay Lakes in 1945…the Navy recorded the the plane crash at the time, but the city didn’t find out about the crash until sometime last year.”

Sweetwater board pays members for outreach / SignOnSanDiego : “The seven board members are paid $150 each time they attend meetings as voting members of the board. But they are also paid that amount to go to open houses, community festivals, water conferences, chambers of commerce and business association meetings.”

Salton Sea was site of atomic bomb tests / The Desert Sun : ““Crews made hundreds of practice runs over the Mojave Desert and the Salton Sea. The test bombs were full-sized mock-ups of the real thing — the long and slender uranium ‘Little Boy’ that would fall on Hiroshima and the bulbous plutonium ‘Fat Man’ that would hit Nagasaki.”

Repaving work yield to bigger problem / SignOnSanDiego : “A repaving project under way in Escondido was interrupted by persistent leaks from what turned out to be a century-old water main. The city’s Utilities Division will ask the City Council on Wednesday to approve an emergency declaration for replacing the water main, which is on Ninth Avenue between South Broadway and Juniper Street.”

San Diego issues first fine to water waster / SignOnSanDiego : “The city has received more than 6,000 complaints about water waste since mandatory conservation rules took effect in June 2009. Sixty-seven of those were referred to code enforcement officers after less aggressive measures failed, according to the city’s utilities department.”

La Nina: Southern California will see winter flip-flop / Salem-News : “Dana Friehauf, a principal water resource specialist for the San Diego County Water Authority, said the last three or four years have been critically dry for much of Southern California, despite a slight break in the 2009-2010 winter. “So another dry year really means that we will be continuing the mandatory restrictions and drought pricing,” she said.”

Padre Dam weighs next move on Lakeside pipeline project / SignOnSanDiego : “In light of a fresh legal setback, an East County water agency is trying to decide its next move in its effort to restart a $20 million pipeline project near Lakeside.”

Chula Vista to begin construction on natural gas-fired peaker plant / San Diego News Room : ““It will extend the water agency’s reclaimed water lines, conserving potable water for best use in the South Bay and give access to reclaimed water for irrigation and industrial use.”

Algae lingers along county’s coast / SignOnSanDiego : “A large bloom of green algae continues to color the county’s coastal waters a week after the effects were first widely noticed.”

Massive artificial reef grows like wild / SignOnSanDiego : “A major enterprise to boost sea life appears to be paying off in the coastal waters near San Clemente, where Southern California Edison spent $46 million to build what is touted as the world’s largest artificial reef.”

Water bills going up for East County residents / SignOnSanDiego : “Residents in much of the East County will be paying an average of 8 percent more for their water starting in November, after the Helix Water District’s board of directors narrowly approved a much-debated rate hike at a public hearing Wednesday.”

Boil water order issued for water system in Warner Springs / Ramona Sentinel : “The order will remain in effect until the distribution system has been disinfected and additional samples confirm the absence of bacteria in the water supply.”


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