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San Diego regional water news roundup Aug 4-7, 2010

Posted by George J Janczyn on August 7, 2010

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Reduced water use drops drought alert to Level 1 / Ramona Sentinel : “…”new state law calls for per capita water use to be reduced 20 percent by 2020. These factors mean we must make efficient water use indoors and out a permanent part of our civic responsibility and personal lifestyle.”

Political analysis: the legacy of toilet to tap / KPBS : “The idea of water recycling has been a hard sell in San Diego. The fate of the the idea seemed doomed just a few years ago…”

County approves Montecito Ranch development / SignOnSanDiego : “The board allowed the development company to move forward with a plan that would include a wastewater treatment facility in the development site. …The water reclamation plan is still subject to the approval of the San Diego Local Agency Formation Commission, which handles jurisdictional boundary changes.”

SAN MARCOS: Developer not owed for sewer main, water district says / North County Times : “…a consultant for Hitzke Development, wrote…that the developer should not have to pay for improvements that the water district already knew were needed…. The board…will consider the matter at a later meeting.”

What role could water reclamation play in San Diego’s future? / KPBS : “After years of intense opposition, the City of San Diego is now moving forward with a test program to recycle waste water. The city is still years away from putting any of that water into our faucets, but supporters of water recycling and conservation say the council has taken an important step towards creating a sustainable water supply.”

Water board says district’s drought isn’t over yet / Coast News : “A vote July 21 by the San Dieguito Water District Board, which is comprised of the Encinitas City Council members, to remain at a Stage 2 drought level reflects the persistent need to conserve water in the area according to some.”

Dead fish worry library patrons / SignOnSanDiego : “Josh Garcia, natural resources manager for San Diego’s open space parks, said preliminary results of water quality tests showed elevated levels of ammonia in Evans Pond, which can be a sign of an algae bloom die-off.”

‘Mr. Water’ helped build world-class pubic works department / SignOnSanDiego : “It may have started when the family home in Arcadia was flooded in the 1930s, or it may have developed during his college days when he was studying civil engineering, but Ralph “Mike” Graham’s lifelong interest in water issues ended up benefiting the city of San Diego…. He was known as “Mr. Water” around City Hall for his expertise and leadership, and won national recognition for his work in the 1960s…”

San Diego’s progress with wastewater reuse / San Diego News Room : “Coastkeeper notes that Virginia has been safely augmenting their reservoirs since 1978. So why hasn’t San Diego been doing this all along? Roy suggested public perception. “In San Diego the public hadn’t really accepted it,” she said.”

Valley Center housing project will have to wait for new general plan / KPBS : “Randy Goodson, CEO of Accretive Investments, says the project deserves to be given the chance to study the options. He said the location does not need additional water supplies and a new water recycling plant would allow existing golf courses to be irrigated.”

Aqueduct water kept county from running dry / SignOnSanDiego : “By late November 1947, 50 million gallons of Colorado River water was flowing into the semi-dry San Vicente Reservoir each day. Starting as a trickle, it soon grew to a torrent, pouring from a mountain tunnel and cascading a half-mile into the San Vicente Reservoir.”

Conservation, local supplies key to water future / SignOnSanDiego : “San Diego County residents must rely more on their own resources for water in the future, according to the 25-year-plan being crafted by the drought-wracked Metropolitan Water District.”


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