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San Diego regional water news roundup Jul 30-Aug 3, 2010

Posted by George J Janczyn on August 4, 2010

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Less hookers and blow than you would think. Tragic, really / On the Public Record : “I love the North County Times water reporting. Couldn’t tell you whether the rest of the paper is any good, but I find their water reporting to be informative and thorough, with a good eye for detail. This op-ed in the North County Times, however, lacks their usual nuance.”

Probolsky + Register + Poseidon = bogus desal poll / Surf City Voice : “Poseidon is a multinational corporation that seeks footholds in Surf City and the city of Carlsbad (in San Diego County) with two similar desalination plants…the [SD County Water] Authority decided to buy the water outright from Poseidon for the next 30 years, spreading the high cost of desalinated water…among all 24 member agencies under the Authority’s umbrella rather than the original nine…”

Water tower graffiti: if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em / Thirsty in Suburbia : “…for more than three decades, the Fallbrook water utility has avoided trouble with potential teen water-tower defacers in what has become an annual ritual, painting the numbers of the current high school graduating class on the Rattlesnake Water Tower.”

No big payoff for saving water? / KUSI : “…here’s a case where a homeowner sacrificed his entire front lawn. He saved a lot of water, but when it came to his bill, that was a different story!”

VALLEY CENTER: Accretive development project faces key vote / North County Times : “A proposed development of up to 1,746 homes near Interstate 15 in western Valley Center faces a key hurdle Friday when the county’s Planning Commission decides whether to allow the developer to pursue a general plan amendment…Even though the property is within the Valley Center Municipal Water District’s service area, there is no sewer service, and there is no assurance that water would be available to meet the project’s needs.”

Planners warned about contact with developer’s agent / SignOnSanDiego : “Top lawyers for the County of San Diego have warned members of the Planning Commission against improper contact with a consultant for a developer whose application [on the Accretive development project] will be considered Friday…”

Wastewater permit means big savings for city / 10News : “A federal permit makes it possible to continue the current standards for wastewater treatment without having to spend $1.5 billion to build a secondary treatment facility. The compromise also included a study, which is already underway.”

Sewage plant saves tons with permit’s launch / SignOnSanDiego : “Aug. 1 marked the official beginning of a permit that allows the plant to operate without new upgrades…In March, the California Coastal Commission decided San Diego could run the plant without implementing any of the recommendations from a $2 million wastewater recycling study.”

Sewage spill at Fashion Valley / San Diego County News : “An estimated 3,400 gallon sewage spill occurred yesterday evening at the intersection of Las Cumbres and Cirrus Street in the Fashion Valley area of San Diego.”

San Diego gets another wastewater waiver / KPBS : “The Environmental Protection Agency will allow San Diego to continue treating its sewage at a lower, primary level. This exception to federal law will save the city more than $1 billion.”


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