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San Diego regional water news roundup May 14-18, 2010

Posted by George J Janczyn on May 19, 2010


Huell Howser’s California’s Water episode “Water Reliability” premieres on KPBS (San Diego) on June 3rd at 8 p.m. The entire California’s Water series videos are gradually being added (not this one yet) on the website for Association of California Water Agencies.




$600,000 San Diego water conservation RFP / The Sole Source“The City of San Diego Public Utilities Department has issued an RFP for Public Information and Outreach Consulting Services to assist the Water Conservation Program in providing customer support and outreach to its customers.”



Water, solar power work together / SignOnSanDiego“Some of the biggest producers of solar power in San Diego County aren’t power companies, they’re water agencies. The largest project covers 4.3 acres of roofs at the Alvarado Water Treatment plant at Lake Murray and produces a megawatt, or nearly one-third of the plant’s electricity needs…”




Efforts to clean up Salton Sea begin with Mexican pollution / MyDesert | The Desert Sun“The EPA has helped build 88 water and sewer projects along its more than 2,000-mile border with Mexico using about $550 million in Border Environment Infrastructure Funds…work includes two major infrastructure projects to improve water quality in the New River, which flows into the nearby Salton Sea and is considered one of the most polluted rivers in the United States. A tainted Salton Sea has far-reaching effects for the valley and the rest of Southern California…”



A vote to allow city to hasten dirty storm water to the ocean / Voice of San Diego“The San Diego Planning Commission Thursday approved a proposal by the city’s Storm Water Department to clear vegetation from creeks around the city, even though the plan acknowledges that it will cause storm water that reaches the coastal waters to be even more polluted.”




Nitrates in our drinking water Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 – Charting a Cleaner Future / KPBS“One of the main sources of nitrates in California is fertilizer from farms. Rather than taking statewide action, regulators are leaving it to the regional water boards to come up with plans to protect groundwater from farms, taking into consideration local soil conditions, rainfall, and crops. For Californians whose drinking water is already contaminated with nitrates, the larger question remains: Who will pay to clean it up?”



UV Sciences Tries to Tap Into Water Purification Industry With Smaller and Less Costly Technology / SignOnSanDiego“gallon-for-gallon, the proprietary tools designed by UV Sciences founder J.R. “Randy” Cooper are 75 percent smaller than existing UV purifiers, cost 50 percent less to buy, and cost 90 percent less to operate.”




New housing projects not thirsty / Building Industry Association of San Diego“Why should the existing community conserve while City Hall approves more development? It may surprise you to learn that new construction accounts for less than ½ of one percent of total water demand every year…”


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