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Stories that keep attracting readers

Posted by George J Janczyn on April 14, 2010

For a mini-retrospective, below are my top six blog posts, in terms of total page views and in terms of sustained interest. The first, a story about Alvarado Creek and Adobe Falls, has been by far the most popular page on my blog–it has gotten nearly three times as many hits as the second-place post. It’s nice to see continued interest in stories even after they’ve grown old!

1. San Diego’s Alvarado Creek and the future of Adobe Falls

2. A quick look at the San Vicente Dam-raising project

3. Water reuse is imperative for a sustainable San Diego

4. Debris flows and the San Gabriel Mountains

5. Bringing water to Balboa Park

6. I originally planned to make this a top five list, but am including the sixth-place page — Ongoing Coverage — because it covers important local issues that deserve more attention.


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