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Update on groundwater contamination in Mission Valley

Posted by George J Janczyn on April 6, 2010

The San Diego City Council on April 5 held its first public hearing on an ordinance that would appropriate and expend $608,626.00 towards resolution of some issues relating to cleanup of groundwater contamination near Qualcomm Stadium. Quoting from the council docket:

“In 1992, an enforcement action was brought by the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) against the party responsible for the release of petroleum products from the Mission Valley Terminal to the soil and groundwater beneath the Qualcomm Stadium site. The RWQCB ordered the discharger to clean-up the contamination by certain deadlines which are fast-approaching. That clean-up is still ongoing. The City also initiated litigation against the discharger in 2007.

The City is the owner of the Qualcomm Stadium site. The City has Pueblo Water Rights in the waters of the San Diego River, which include the groundwater basin at issue in the abovereferenced RWQCB enforcement action. The City plans to utilize this basin beginning in 2010 to pursue the groundwater objectives identified in the Long-Range Water Resources Plan, adopted by the City Council on December 9, 2002, which establishes priority elements of groundwater storage and desalination including the Mission Valley Groundwater Basin. In its efforts to advocate the City’s interests in timely meeting clean-up goals, the City retained the services of an environmental consultant and the legal services of two law firms. The funds for the consultant and legal services agreements are nearly exhausted.”

The motion on the ordinance passed without speakers or comment 7-0 (Young absent). The second public hearing and the introduction and adoption of the Ordinance will be on the Council docket of Tuesday, April 13, 2010.

April 13 update: At the second public hearing, there was no further discussion and the ordinance was unanimously approved.

Click here for supporting materials submitted to the Council.


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