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San Diego area water news roundup

Posted by George J Janczyn on March 24, 2010

Fun with numbers / San Diego CityBeat : “This system’s effectiveness led Mayor Jerry Sanders last month to commend the city Wastewater Department for a steady drop from 84 spills in 2006 to 38 in 2009, a more than 50-percent improvement…[but] The city reports sewage spills to several state agencies, which in turn calculate spills in their own ways, some of which contradict Sanders’ claim.”

State would curb power plants’ seawater use / San Diego Union-Tribune : “California’s coastal power plants would have to cut the amount of ocean water they use to cool their generators by more than 90 percent over the next 14 years, under a proposed policy issued yesterday by a state environmental agency.”

Changes promised after water dept. audit reveals flaws / : “Massive changes have been promised after San Diego city leaders learned how a city agency gave out millions of dollars in bonuses…city utility workers received $28 million in bonuses since 2006 while ratepayers watched their bills go up 35 percent.”

Water budgets proposed for big lots [La Mesa] / San Diego Union-Tribune : “Customers of the Helix Water District who live on large lots could be placed on a water budget if officials get their way. Instead of a simply paying higher prices for using more water, customers who live on lots larger than half an acre would be put on a water budget at the beginning of a season or a billing period. Customers would pay higher rates when they exceeded their allotted amount…”

A town left dry / Don Bauder, San Diego Reader : “There are two opposing camps in Borrego, as there are in other locales: real estate people say there is lots of water, and environmentalists say there isn’t. The water table is dropping between two and three feet a year…”

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