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San Vicente Dam Raise Project tour

Posted by George J Janczyn on March 11, 2010

As promised, here are some new photos and video from the San Vicente Dam Raise Project. I didn’t hear a single joke from staffers about what kind of salary increase (raise) they would like, either.

As reported earlier, excavation of the foundation and the hillsides adjacent to the dam, removal of concrete from the top and the face of the dam, and other work to prepare for raising the height of the dam by 117 feet is expected to be completed this summer. Completion of the entire project has been pushed back from the original estimate which was late 2012, with work now expected to be complete in mid-2014. All that prep work on the face of the dam is to make a good bonding surface for the new concrete that will be added.

For complete information, see the official project website:

(click images to enlarge)

View on approach, cut in hill next to dam hints at the new height Tank at hilltop is for surge control associated with the Second Aqueduct pipeline
Overall scene from the viewing area Water blasting the dam’s face
Construction detail Work at the top


(you can get slightly better video quality by selecting the YouTube 480p button at bottom once it starts playing)

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  1. Thanks for posting. Good stuff. I added a link to this from the STAND FOR LESS Facebook page.



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