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City Council to vote on recycled water pipeline

Posted by George J Janczyn on February 21, 2010

North City Water Reclamation Plant

[Feb 24 update: The resolution was approved as part of a package of consent items during the meeting, which usually means no major objections were anticipated]

The San Diego City Council will vote on Tuesday whether to adopt a resolution approving the plans and specifications for the Carmel Valley Recycled Water Pipeline Construction Project and to authorize advertising for bids on a construction contract. Up to $4,730,000 would be approved to pay for the project (see City Council Docket Item 100).

The pipeline will consist of approximately 10,000 linear feet of 8-inch to 12-inch diameter pipeline to provide an extension to serve recycled water from the North City Water Reclamation Plant to the Meadows Del Mar Golf Course, Palacio Del Mar Home Owners Association and future customers in the western portion of Carmel Valley.

The project is to assist the City in carrying out Phase II of the 2000 Water Reclamation Master Plan which states the City will attempt to achieve the beneficial use of 50% of treated wastewater by the year 2010. That goal was related to the City’s EPA waiver from having to provide secondary treatment at the Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant, the latest which was just renewed last October. That waiver committed San Diego to treat 45 MGD of wastewater by 2010 (note there’s a difference between ‘treated’ and ‘used’).

According to the 2005 Recycled Water Master Plan Update, the goal was to reuse at least 12 million gallons per day of water from the North City Water Reclamation Plant (the plant treats about 22.5 MGD, with the excess sent to Point Loma for disposal at sea). At the time of the 2005 update, the actual amount reused amounted to only 6 MGD. I haven’t learned what the current usage for 2010 is, but according to the 2005 Update, if implemented as described, the phased system expansions outlined in the reclamation plan would allow the City to meet the 12 MGD water reuse goal by 2010. Toward that end, the proposed pipeline project is estimated to supply approximately 300 acre feet of recycled water per year according to the city council docket (1 acre foot = 325851 gallons).

Supporting documentation for the Council agenda item: Inviting Bids for Carmel Valley Recycled Water Pipeline Construction Project (Carmel Valley Community Area. District 1.)

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