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LA Times morphs again

Posted by George J Janczyn on February 2, 2010

Newspapers are loath to make reference to their competitors, lest their readers flee their own pages, but for the record this development might be of interest to readers who occasionally pick up a print edition.

Last fall the LA Times changed its layout by moving its California news section into the main “A” news section which became considerably thicker as a result; today the California news moved back out into a new LATEXTRA section. According to the blurb on their front page, the new section will contain not only California stories but also “the latest possible reporting from throughout the nation and world” and “showcases our 24-hour newsroom.” I can’t see a big difference overall though; I think they may have decided the main news section with the embedded California section was just getting too thick and wanted to break them back into more easily-handled sections.

Meanwhile, the SD Union-Tribune devoted a full-page ad to its thinning paper the other day to proclaim how much effort they are putting into publishing better-quality news. Since an earlier piece I wrote about the U-T last fall, I’ve seen little change although there has been a slight trend towards putting more local reporting on the front page and an insertion of a new “Bright and Early” column on the front page to highlight inside stories, weather, and a random tidbit or quote. [Update Feb 4: today the U-T announced a revamp of their ” Night&Day” entertainment guide. I don’t see any change in the printed version but online looks jazzed up with slideshow headlines and full-color animated advertising]

One Response to “LA Times morphs again”

  1. Linda Radon said

    RE: the thinning of the SD Union – Tribune – I believe this has happened with the SB News Press as well. During and after all of their legal troubles their staff dwindled too. I still read it, but many people will not read it any longer.

    BTW, my favorite memory of the SD Union-Tribune – I went with Josh’s 5th grade class on a field trip to their offices (which was fun and interesting) but the best part was seeing a poster of Steve Garvey on the wall with the words “Father of our Country” on the bottom.

    I used to deliver the L.A. Times in my 20’s (middle of the night, yuck) but since that time I have not read it much…

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