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San Diego recycled water project gets a boost from the city council

Posted by George J Janczyn on January 27, 2010

Last December in my post “Water reuse is imperative for a sustainable San Diego” I mentioned that the water department would soon be submitting a contract proposal for the Potable Reuse Demonstration Project. The wheels on this project certainly turn slowly!

At their October 29, 2007 meeting, the City Council voted to proceed with the Demonstration Project. On May 2009, the Public Utilities Department issued a Request for Proposals for Project Management and Public Outreach.

Yesterday (Jan. 26), the proposal went to the San Diego City Council which approved “an Agreement between the City of San Diego and RMC Water and Environment, to perform the Project Management and Public Outreach for the Demonstration Project, in an amount not to exceed $3,281,353” ($1,499,611 of that amount will be for the public outreach and education program).

City Council Docket (item #334)
Council meeting video (relevant portion starts at 03:10:30)

This important item passed with a 5-3 vote, with Young, Frye, Hueso, Emerald & Gloria voting in favor. Lightner, DeMaio, and Faulconer against (the video shows the electronic vote tally at 6-2, but it turned out that Frye “playfully” pressed DeMaio’s button ‘yes’ before he could send his ‘no’ vote).

It’s true that’s a good chunk of money from the city’s tight budget, but this is a vital step towards reducing San Diego’s dependence on imported water and it should have been unanimously approved. The mayor’s continued opposition to the water reuse project is also troubling. Despite this project having been approved long ago, the Mayor along with DeMaio and Lightner seem determined to keep it from proceeding!

Mike Lee from the Union-Tribune further highlights the action in this report.

One Response to “San Diego recycled water project gets a boost from the city council”

  1. GrokSurf said

    I don’t get Councilman Young’s big concern that there should be absolutely no suggestion of a promotional aspect to this project. The very fact that the study is being done is promotional for recycling…it’s not like the study was approved in order to prove indirect potable cannot be done, is it?

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