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San Diego’s reservoir levels after the rains

Posted by George J Janczyn on January 26, 2010

As nice as it was to have last week’s rains, the San Diego reservoirs that depend solely on watershed runoff, like Sutherland and Morena, are still seriously low. The city’s weekly reservoir status report from yesterday shows that Sutherland is 16.2% full and Morena is at 12.1%. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for more rain, although I’m not optimistic about the outlook for anything significant over the next couple of weeks (and there’s always this to consider–hat tip Aquafornia for the link).

Here are tentative preliminary reports used internally at the Water Department. The first report below shows rainfall data and the second is a routine weekly update, both issued yesterday (the latest public weekly reports are available at

Reservoir rainfall data from latest storms

Reservoir weekly status report for Jan. 25

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