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Vernal pools, Pasatiempo open space in Del Cerro

Posted by George J Janczyn on January 23, 2010

The recent rains have awakened the vernal pools at the Pasatiempo open space in Del Cerro. A portion of the space was paved with asphalt and is occasionally used as a staging area for utility undergrounding projects underway in the neighborhood. Once the projects are completed, the asphalt lot could be removed, but there is some interest in keeping it as a staging area for firefighting in the event of a wildfire. I believe some people would like the lot to keep vehicles off the street while visitors enjoy the space and take in the views. The future of this city-owned property is uncertain. Click thumbnails to enlarge.


March 16, 2010: The Union-Tribune’s Mike Lee published a nice article about vernal pools in San Diego.


4 Responses to “Vernal pools, Pasatiempo open space in Del Cerro”

  1. Have you gone to visit the pools once they get a chance to come to life? I’ve had a hard time forgetting any of my trips to visit vernal pools in high season, with the tiny toads and Pacific chorus frogs so prolific you can’t take a step without stepping on one. It’s an amazing rite of spring.

  2. GrokSurf said

    Jim, I intend to return in 6-8 weeks to see what’s up there. If this turns out to be a decently wet winter I hope things will be hopping!

  3. Ryan Dammann said

    No question about what should be done with the open space off pasatiempo. It should remain open space. Kid friendly park would be better.

    • It turns out the vernal pools aren’t in the conserved open space area which is across the street on the west side. The east side is open space owned by the city but “not conserved” – so unless the city designates it as “conserved” the current zoning would allow residential development, for example, if the city decided not to keep ownership of the property.

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