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Save us from socialism!

Posted by George J Janczyn on September 13, 2009

Corporate socialism, that is. I don’t usually rant, but it’s tiring to see and hear these angry mobs screaming obscenities and lobbing grenades in the form of teabagging and birthing and pro-for-profit health insurance. Their kneejerk reaction to healthcare reform is especially puzzling. Yes, health care providers should reasonably expect a profit for their work, but the insurance companies don’t provide health care, they take our money and dribble some to the health care givers and keep the rest for themselves. Name another developed country that permits that kind of thing! This must be a big reason that annual health care spending in OECD countries breaks down like this:

United States: $7290
Switzerland: $4417
France: $3601
United Kingdom: $2992
Average of OECD developed nations: $2964
Italy: $2686
Japan: $2581

What these mobs are really protesting is democracy, because the majority of Americans are tired of being looted (and that goes for the investment banking industry too). Like Bush 2, the protesters appear to prefer dictatorship.

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