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SDSU’s alternative to Adobe Falls?

Posted by George J Janczyn on August 1, 2009

Today’s San Diego Union-Tribune’s Craig Gustafson writes that SDSU is exploring the possibility of building student and faculty housing, research facilities and a riverfront park near Qualcomm Stadium.

I wonder if SDSU considers this an alternative to developing Adobe Falls, or if they want to develop both areas?

2 Responses to “SDSU’s alternative to Adobe Falls?”

  1. Watcher said

    Good question to ask Steve Weber. Why don’t you?

  2. GrokSurf said

    Watcher: I did ask SDSU’s director of Facilities who replied “it’s far too early to be able to speculate whether SDSU will ever develop anything on the Qualcomm site, what it might be, or to guess [what] it might mean to other possible development activities…”

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