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Oleander Leaf Scorch

Posted by George J Janczyn on July 2, 2009

If you are considering Oleanders for your drought-tolerant landscape, be aware that many plants in San Diego suffer from an incurable, infectious disease called Oleander Leaf Scorch. Once infected, a plant may survive for years, but it inevitably deteriorates and dies. We had five on a slope in our Del Cerro back yard, they all became infected, and over a period of about four years we lost all of them.  The problem is supposed to be worse in hot inland areas, but I’ve noticed quite a few dying in the I-5 median along Mission Bay.  In Escondido along I-15 almost all the Oleanders in the median are reaching advanced stages.

Information resources for Oleander Leaf Scorch

One Response to “Oleander Leaf Scorch”

  1. ryan said

    They get it up in the Bay Area, too. I would happily see a moratorium on planting it.

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